Nov 2, 2021
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Russian Empire, XXI century: In whose interests is the “game of thrones” around the cap of Monomakh

In the photo: a descendant of the Romanov dynasty Georgy Mikhailovich with Italian citizen Rebecca Bettarini after the wedding ceremony in St. Isaac's Cathedral, October 1, 2021

In the photo: a descendant of the Romanov dynasty Georgy Mikhailovich with Italian citizen Rebecca Bettarini after the wedding ceremony in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, October 1, 2021 (Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS)

Recent scandalous “sovereign” wedding Georgy Romanova in St. Isaac’s Cathedral – not just another nostalgic melody on the theme of the “crunch of a French roll”. Everything is much more complicated than ordinary people think. There is a war for Russia, which has not stopped for the third decade.

First of all, let’s figure it out – what is the name of the country in which you and I now live? In 1991, the people voted to preserve the USSR, but their opinion was ignored – three traitors in Belovezhskaya Pushcha signed an illegal document. Created in violation of all conceivable and inconceivable laws “erefia” became completely illegitimate in 1993, when the parliament was shot during the military coup. And after won in 1996 Gennady Zyuganov elections were “rewritten” to win Boris YeltsinThere is no need to talk about any legitimacy of the authorities.

“When summing up the results of the elections, the lines were changed: the results of Zyuganov became those of Yeltsin, and vice versa. Of course, there is no official confirmation of this information, but I consider it, let’s say, very close to the truth, “the former Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation recalled twenty years later. Anatoly Kulikov

The Soviet Union was doing well in terms of legitimacy. Suffice it to recall the so-called “Triumphal Procession of Soviet Power”, when completely bloodless, from November 7, 1917 to March 1918, the country changed its social system. Then the Civil War unleashed by the “whites” began, but in it the people also said their will – with the help of a Mauser and a rifle.

However, today we are definitely not the USSR – the people do not have a single drop of power. It is very similar to the Russian Empire: thieves in power, a “raw material needle”, export of capital, technological lag behind the whole world and the steady impoverishment of the bulk of the population. Only the emperor is missing, and the last one – Nikolay for number two, he renounced, and then was shot. But it’s not that simple.

“No one has ever seen a document called“ Abdication of Emperor Nicholas II ”. There is only a certain telegram on which, allegedly, with his hand, using a pencil, was signed. Filkina is literate, ”says pro-Kremlin historian and political scientist Nikolay Starikov

In this case, Starikov’s political preferences are not interesting to us, but as a historian he is absolutely right. Moreover, the aforementioned document simply could not appear in principle. According to the laws of the Empire, during the war years, the tsar had no right to leave his post. And he could not deny for his son in any case.

But after all, they are both – and Nikolai Romanov, and Alexey Romanov – were soon killed! Also completely unreliable information. As cynical investigators from the Ministry of Internal Affairs say, “no body – no action.” And there are no bodies …

At first, in 1918, the allegedly shot royal family was searched for by the “whites” along with the Czechs. Not found. The next year the admiral did the same. Kolchakbut did not succeed either. Then no one looked for more than 70 years, and in 1991 the remains were miraculously discovered. For many years they danced around the bones in order to prove the authenticity, then they kind of proved it, and buried it with fanfare.

Originally it was bad with authenticity; as you know, it had to be “proved by a strong-willed method.” But the Japanese geneticist finally nipped all the raspberries Takuo Nagai… The world-renowned professor, who was summoned to witness the discovery of the “original” bones of the Romanovs, turned out to be an honest samurai. He carried out an analysis and said that it was not at all clear who the Russians buried there. Then he became persona non grata in the Russian Federation. However, this fact did not upset him at all.

So there are no bodies. The scene of the crime is also – the Ipatiev House in 1977 was destroyed on the direct orders of Boris Yeltsin. A very interesting moment, especially considering the fact that in those years in the USSR, work had already begun on organizing “perestroika” and other dismantling of the state. We also prepared for the “find” of the mythical remains.

It turns out that in 1917 the Romanovs dematerialized from Yekaterinburg, dissolved in space-time? Almost so.

Lenin and the Bolsheviks close to him saved the tsar and his family, hid them. Then, after the death of the leader of the revolution, he took over the baton Stalin… All lived separately. Nikolai – in the vicinity of Sukhumi, he worked as an international affairs consultant in the NKVD, died in 58. His wife left ten years earlier and was buried in Nizhny Novgorod. Anastasia married her security guard, lived until 1980. In the same year, her brother, the prince, also died. Alexey Nikolaevich, whom we all know under a different surname, “- said the historian of the royal family Sergey Zhilenkov

From the point of view of banal logic, the Bolsheviks had no reason to kill the ex-monarch. Against. An experienced lawyer Ulyanov-Lenin understood perfectly well that the tsar and his son needed to be protected. For only these persons could get access to the gold deposited in the banks of Great Britain – during the war years, the “allies” supplied us with weapons and other goods exclusively on a 100% prepayment. According to various estimates, from 200 to 300 tons of precious metal is still stored there – a lot of money.

At the same time, Nicholas II was not dangerous for the new government. For many, this will probably be a revelation, but the monarchists in the “white” movement were practically absent, the liberal parliamentarians ruled the show. The ex-king in the country was not respected and disliked. It turns out that making friends with the Bolsheviks was also beneficial for the monarch.

Accordingly, in the presence of a tsar and a tsarevich, capital could be withdrawn. Moreover, Romanov remained a statesman. Why didn’t this happen? If they failed, there was a powerful opposition in the West. We know it primarily by its name Anna Anderson, she’s fake Anastasia. In the presence of a huge Russian diaspora, many of whose representatives personally knew the princess, it was as easy as shelling pears to expose the impostor who appeared in 1920. But for some reason this did not happen and the story lasted for many decades. Then, after the Second World War, they connected Hollywood, not sparing money for such a star as Ingrid Bergman (film “Anastastia”, 1957). However, the “investment” has paid off quite well, given such an informational background, any real Romanov simply had no chance.

Nevertheless, as we see in the example of the Ipatiev House, in addition to the restoration of capitalism in Russia, work was underway on monarchist affairs. The version that the Soviet prime minister Alexey Kosygin in childhood he had a completely different surname, was born not yesterday, and not during the years of “perestroika”, the author of these lines heard her back in the Soviet years. And in the west they knew her very well.

However, Kosygin, even if we assume that he is not Kosygin at all, had only a daughter, the gods did not give sons. And without a direct heir, nowhere. Though…

“At the very beginning of the 80s, we received an order to find and detain a man who pretends to be the illegitimate son of the then late Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers. Detain and immediately report, the phone is attached. Personally, I did not see him, colleagues coped with it, and quickly – he did not hide. They immediately called where they should be, guys from the Central Committee of the CPSU came and took me away. Then they let him go, there was nothing to show him. By the way, he did not “advertise” himself as the son of Kosygin, they just found out, and a rumor spread. Who it was – no idea. Perhaps a novice fraudster who simply did not have time to mischief. Or maybe not. As I was told, he is 35-40 years old, looks decent, educated, and, indeed, is very similar, ”said one retired policeman.

Suppose that everything is not so, Kosygin is the son of a Petersburg turner, and not a prince, that Alexei could have died of hemophilia. But his father was a healthy man, in the prime of his years, and it is difficult to imagine that he was celibate for forty years. Then it turns out even more interesting!

Is there a place for all these dynastic games in the modern world? Alas, there is. Considering all the above legal incidents, the descendants of the prince Kirill Vladimirovich may try to push to the throne, restoring the monarchy. In order to rule Russia no longer through the “oligarchs” and corrupt officials, but directly – with the help of the puppet king. Descendant of a traitor to the Motherland.

The address of the son of Tsar Kiryukha
The address of the son of Tsar Kiryukha

Information about who exactly has been keeping the relatives of “Tsar Kiryukha” for many years is carefully hidden. But it’s not hard to guess. According to this historical sketch: when the queen Victoria in the estate Rothschilds went to the lawn, the banker’s wife started yelling at her, so that she quickly returned to the path – the flowers may suffer. And the “ruler” of the empire, over which the sun never sets, obeyed like a battered dog.

But in Russia everything will not be that simple. We have a mysterious soul. And history. Where the king’s brother went is also still unknown. On the night of June 13, 1918, mysterious “Bolsheviks” drove in after him and took the prince away somewhere. It is believed to be shot. But bodies Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov and his secretary Nicholas Johnson no one has ever seen …

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