Feb 17, 2021
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Russian diplomats responded to Estonia’s call to impose sanctions against Russia

The Russian embassy in Tallinn reacted to the statement of the Estonian parliament on civil liberties in the Russian Federation, adopted on the eve of the previous day, RIA Novosti reports.

The diplomatic mission stressed that it added a negative impact to bilateral relations. In addition, the embassy recalled the words of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who had previously said that the dialogue should be approached honestly. He also believes that it is necessary to “get rid of the phobias of the past.”

The diplomats noted that the formation of a new government coalition in Estonia provides an opportunity for the transition “to just such a logic of action.” The embassy expressed regret that already in the first days of the new Estonian Cabinet of Ministers, statements were made that there were no “grounds” for building relations with the Russian side.

The statement on civil liberties in the Russian Federation, according to diplomats, only “added a lot of negativity to the atmosphere of Russian-Estonian relations.”

“If this was the purpose of such a statement, then its initiators, thoroughly mired in the swamp of Russophobia, seem to have achieved this,” the message says.

We will remind, this week the Estonian parliamentarians called on the European Union “to develop an effective policy of restrictive measures, which will force the Russian Federation to abandon its aggressive foreign policy.”

On January 26, the head of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid approved the new composition of the government. It was formed by the right-wing liberal Reform Party and the Center Party.

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