Jan 23, 2021
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Russian children are a commodity for homosexuals

The matter is urgent. The State Duma of Russia is already considering a bill regulating surrogacy. Not at the plenary session yet, but only at the working group, which is headed by the Vice-Speaker Pyotr Tolstoy, but this is not the case when you can calmly wait to see how the matter will end.

The meeting on January 20 was attended by the chairman of the committee on the development of civil society, issues of public and religious associations Sergey Gavrilov, the first deputy head of the committee on family, women and children Olga Okuneva, the first deputy chairman of the committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko and several invited experts, including including from the Russian Orthodox Church and the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia.

To say that extremely heated debates are going on around the bill is to say nothing.

Protest blonde

Both supporters and opponents of surrogacy agree that this area is now in the “gray” zone of the law and needs clear government regulation. This is the only thing that they and we agree on. In 2017, such an attempt was made by Senator Anton Belyakov, but his radical bill a year and a half later was rejected by the State Duma. The provisions of Belyakov’s project were simple – the complete elimination of references to the admissibility of surrogate motherhood from all legislative acts of Russia.

After this attempt, a long, tug-of-war struggle began for and against the various provisions of the future law. And now, let’s say, the alpha version of this future law is being discussed in the State Duma. Oksana Pushkina, a State Duma deputy from United Russia, takes the most active part in the discussion.

Oksana Viktorovna belongs to a wide stratum of retired artists and athletes, of whom there are more and more in the Duma with each convocation. For many years she hosted a TV show for an audience not burdened with intelligence, sued the press because of references to her plastic surgeries, received the Order of Friendship for this activity, and then suddenly decided to benefit Russia from the offices of the State Duma, since this activity is combined with a high salary and numerous privileges.

And very soon she became famous. Not a single document in the 2010s seems to have been broken as many copies as the draft law “On the Prevention of Domestic Violence in the Russian Federation.”

Bolshevik from San Francisco

The main theses of the project involve the granting of excessive powers to state bodies in the noble cause of protecting family members from each other; in particular, the immediate removal of children from the family and refusal to return them until the situation is completely stabilized – the decision about this must be made by local officials, which, of course, creates fertile ground for abuse. The bill actually recognizes the state as the owner and guardian of the family, an all-seeing eye, and gives tremendous power to guardianship and guardianship services.

But how subtly the story plays with meanings!

Oksana Pushkina, who trained in San Francisco in 1993-1997, avoided the charms of the Russian nineties, but she fully embraced the system of a liberal approach to family relations, which she began to transfer to her native soil to the best of her strength and ability.

And this system turned out to be extremely similar to the one that in the first years of their power was imposed by representatives of the seemingly opposite flank – the Bolsheviks. The destruction of the family, the upbringing of children in boarding schools, the accelerated creation of a new type of personality – all this is pure Lenin’s program. Another question is that the revolutionary was smart and very quickly changed his principles if he met the resistance of the nation. It was not possible to destroy the family then – why does Pushkin think that she will succeed? Just because it happened in your personal life? Recall that Oksana Viktorovna was married to Vladimir Konovalov for almost 20 years, knowing that he had a second family.

Extremism not found

The opposition to the transfer of this experience to the whole of Russia seems to have unpleasantly surprised the parliamentarian. In November 2019, Pushkina, through her lawyer, demanded that Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev check the Sorok Sorokov movement for extremism: she did not like the fact that Orthodox activists considered her draft law on domestic violence to have “fatal flaws that would not contribute to the prevention of domestic violence. but provoking unnecessary tension and conflict “- to be sure, directly preaching extremism! The minister, of course, did not react, and then Pushkina repeated her appeal, adding to it anonymous death threats – a letter came to the State Duma website that she would be killed before the summer. Summer is over long ago, soon the next, and Olga Viktorovna, thank God, is alive and well, which allows her to fight with the same energy for her own vision of this truth.

Hundreds of children in Russia are already, without any reason, being held in orphanages with living and prosperous parents. An extra “client” for the management of the orphanage is additional funding, for the regulatory authorities (by the way, why are almost all women working there?) – an opportunity to show power plus – of course, purely theoretically – a chance to get something from desperate parents. Maybe look for extremism in this state of affairs?

California bauble

Let’s go back to surrogacy. By itself, it is usually a commercial transaction. An employee is carrying a child conceived as a result of in vitro fertilization using the customer’s egg.

Such services were used, according to the yellow press, many domestic celebrities, such as Alena Apina, Alla Pugacheva, Yana Rudkovskaya, Elena Malikova, Philip Kirkorov and Sergey Lazarev have such children.

By the way, no one seems to have heard that personal income tax was paid from a considerable income received in this way – non-payers covered themselves with an exception for donation, and only in August 2019 the Ministry of Finance finally announced that this procedure had nothing to do with donation.

Surrogacy is extremely common in the West, and often in same-sex families, where the spouses do not have the “technical” ability to conceive in the usual way, but want to raise a child. There is no logic at all in such a desire – people themselves choose a way of life that excludes the presence of children, and then they wake up.

California, the one where Oksana Pushkina lived for four years, boasts of the most surrogacy-friendly laws among all US states.

Interesting fact

Wealthy foreigners know that they have to go to Russia to buy a child. And among such “tourists” there are many representatives of “sexual minorities”.

At one time, Konstantin Svitnev, the head of the Rosjurconsulting law company, which accompanied the “surrogate” transactions, boasted to the Austrian magazine DATUM that half of its foreign clients were foreign homosexual couples. “Russia is the only country in Europe where even single people can become parents,” emphasized a lawyer who is now being prosecuted for the sale of children.

A baby who died recently in St. Petersburg is a vivid example of this. It was commissioned by a gay couple through the Chinese company BluedBaby. As we found out, this company is part of the whole BlueCity holding, which specializes in serving millions of homosexuals around the world. The specialists of the holding consider their main task to be assistance to same-sex couples in ordering children from surrogate mothers.

Officially, our laws prohibit single men and same-sex couples from using the services of surrogate mothers, but at least 10 children have already been either sold or prepared to be sold to homosexuals.

Whose interests are pursued by Oksana Pushkina – think for yourself.

Pushkin’s right – the bill is not good

The main theses of the document, which Pushkin considers unconstitutional, are the prohibition of surrogate motherhood in favor of foreign citizens (Pyotr Tolstoy: “Having children for money to sell to foreigners is an absolutely shameful phenomenon for our country”), as well as the inability to use this procedure for citizens and women unmarried.

However, one should not think that our mothers give birth entirely for Western moneybags. Exactly a year ago, babies born to customers from Thailand and the Philippines, far from the richest countries, were discovered in an apartment near Moscow. Several doctors from two clinics were arrested in this case. And the irony of the situation is that all this happened in the Odintsovo district – the same one that sent Oksana Pushkina to the State Duma in 2016.

Well, in some ways we can agree with Oksana Viktorovna – the document is really imperfect and does not correspond to Russian legislation. But not because he forbids something. Nobody canceled article 127.1 of the Criminal Code, which severely punishes trafficking in persons. For Pushkina, of course, this argument has no force, for her a child is not a person, but a certain entity that can be freely sold to “genetic parents”, withdrawn in favor of the state, without any guilt kept in closed institutions (by the way, Art. 127 CC – “Unlawful imprisonment”).

Dear ones, if there is a desire and opportunity to raise a child, but there is no desire or opportunity to give birth to it, alas, we still have a lot of orphans in orphanages. “Wrong” children, not native blood, inferior, flawed? Well, excuse me, but where did you get the idea that your genetics is entirely the gold fund of the nation, white bone and blue blood? Although about the color – maybe so …

Will the working group find the courage to reject the current bill and return to what Anton Belyakov proposed? And will we all find within ourselves enough strength to keep out of the federal parliament the supporters of the slave trade and the American experience of that?

In order to prevent people who do not understand and do not share the traditional values ​​of the Russian people into power, Constantinople creates a questionnaire. Candidates for the next convocation of the State Duma will answer the questionnaire and will be tested by the “People’s Vote”. The revealed Russophobes and bribe-takers from the authorities will find themselves without a deputy’s certificate.

Mikhail Melnikov

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