Dec 30, 2020
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Russian celebrities told what films are being watched for the New Year

The stars of Russian show business talked about their favorite New Year’s films. Many are revising the Soviet classics.

Russian celebrities told what films are being watched for the New Year

Alexey Panin admitted that his New Year’s film preferences have not changed since childhood.

“I, like all people, have two favorite New Year’s films from an early age – this, naturally,“ Irony of Fate ”and“ Sorcerers, ”said Panin. The actor noted that he loves “The Wizards” more, as if this picture is a fairy tale, and for a child it is more understandable than “Irony of Fate”.

Comedian Vladimir Vinokur said that every year he revises “The Irony of Fate, or With an Air Couple!”

“I watch what everyone is watching,” Vinokur emphasized. The artist added that “The Irony of Fate” is a great movie with great artists.

However, not all Russian stars share a love for the Soviet comedy by Eldar Ryazanov.

Actor and TV presenter Denis Rozhkov confessed that he really likes The Wizards. Rozhkov also called the American film “Love Real” a good movie.

And Vladimir Presnyakov, in turn, said that he likes to watch fresh New Year’s films.

“The dilapidated ones have already seen enough for 10–20, although it causes warm feelings,” Presnyakov shared, adding that he prefers to watch newly-made paintings on this subject.

The performer noted that he had countless favorite New Year’s films, from “Carnival Night” to “Christmas Trees”, which starred his grandson.

“There will be countless movies, I like them all because they are warm and kind,” Presnyakov stressed.

The adored New Year’s film by Leonid Barats, a member of Quartet I, turned out to be “That Munchausen”. The actor said that he revises it every year on January 1 and called it a tradition.

“For a century since the morning of the first day, we begin to make kebabs, drink vodka and watch“ That same Munchausen, ”Barats confessed.

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