Feb 16, 2021
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Russian celebrities may lose real estate in the Baltics

The Russophobic policy of the Baltic areas has even affected citizens who have received a residence permit after buying real estate. Many Russian stars have suffered from this.

Russian celebrities may lose real estate in the Baltics

A few days ago, a ban on the entry of foreigners came into force in Latvia due to the coronavirus. Unlike other places in Europe, restrictions apply to the owners of the residence permit.

The anti-coronavirus measure introduced for the citizens of the Russian Federation who own real estate in Latvia is unusually urgent.

Many bought square meters in order to be able to calmly move around the EU at the stage of closed borders. And the appearance of a residence in any of the kingdoms of Europe would allow it, but not in Latvia, the publication notes.

Many Russian stars believed that people of art should be out of politics, and continued to relax in their villas in the Baltics. Every summer, Prima Donna Alla Pugacheva visited her own house in Bulduri. Following her example, the 2-storey building was announced by the actor Emmanuel Vitorgan.

Comedians Garik Martirosyan and Sergei Svetlakov also acquired real estate abroad. However, in real times they will not be able to visit their square meters with the appearance of the Riga Bay because of the policy established by the Baltic states in relations between Russians.

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