May 6, 2022
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Russian billions have found a new way: Antalya gladly accepts money from our country

Russian billions have found a new way: Antalya gladly accepts money from our country

Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

Turkish authorities report a sharp increase in the number of firms registered by Russian citizens and the growth of “foreign investment”. In this case, Russian. Free trade zones and other infrastructure are being hastily organized to accommodate entrepreneurs from the Russian Federation. Our authorities, as usual, have taken a contemplative position – the flight of capital from the country is again not hindered.

“In April, we had a real “Russian boom” in the creation of companies, Russia significantly outperformed other countries in this indicator. Russian business has grown in Antalya since the beginning of the year by 58 companies. There is a three-fold increase, this is a very serious figure, April was just explosive for us,” says the head of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry David Chetin.

And this is only in one well-known, but not the largest city. Next to which a place has already been planned for a free trade zone with an area of ​​1000-1500 hectares. To start. And there, as it turns out, you can always increase it.

Americans are outraged. The Wall Street Journal has already written that Turkey has become a “safe haven for money” of Russian entrepreneurs who fell under Western sanctions. The Turks, of course, deny this. But somehow completely unconvincing. It is evident that they do not care about the words of staffers. Money, as you know, does not smell. In fact, yachts Roman Abramovich in Turkish ports, they say best of all that there is no smoke without fire.

“We are a country that does not participate in sanctions. If a company from Russia wants to do business, it must comply with Turkish laws and international law,” said the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

In other words, there are no barriers. Turkey has always been famous for hosting people of all nationalities and religions. Back in the days of the Ottoman Empire, anyone who decided to become a “Turkish subject” had all the opportunities for growth, “social elevators” were working properly. Now the situation has changed a little, but in general there are no barriers either.

In addition to this, a developing economy. Tourism is, of course, good, but they do not go in cycles in it.

Many of us have Turkish Beko washing machines and Vestel household appliances at home, which, alas, are not produced in Russia. Ottoman hunting rifles compete with those from Izhevsk. Turkey has its own auto industry. There is nothing to say about the textile and light industry, we all wear Turkish jeans and wear other things produced there.

And, most importantly, in Turkey there are clearly established “rules of the game”, the state is interested in the development of the economy. In the sense of the real economy, and not so beloved by our officials “digital technologies”, which exist only in their reports.

Last month, “Law No. 7394” came into force in Turkey, exempting manufacturing companies and tourism from VAT. Generally! And financial structures, on the contrary, were taxed with an increased tax. They do everything right! Rogue speculators need to be “pinched”, and real hard workers should be helped. In Russia, as you might guess, such undertakings will not work.

At the end of 2021, Turkey’s GDP grew by a record 11%. Yes, there is strong inflation in the country, and in our country it is no less.

“The Turkish government continues its course of turning the national economy into one of the ten largest in the world. Turkey, located in a region full of crises and conflicts, continues its course of building up its economic potential, attracting new investments, growing production and employment,” the President says Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

What kind of investments are provided specifically by our oligarchs, the Turks do not disclose. De jure, it seems to be like none. However, no one will arrange huge “free trade zones” just like that, and the boom in company registrations speaks volumes. Large Russian business has clearly found an alternative to London and all sorts of Anglo-Saxon offshore companies. So far, data on a few billion dollars of investments from the Russian Federation have been leaked to the media, but “money loves silence” and we may well be talking about tens and hundreds of billions of “green”.

Denying is not an option. Yes, and we need Turkey, through this country, for example, now there is an important part of trade with “unfriendly” states. Yes, and you can’t forbid it, billionaires will find options on how to send money to where they need it. They are not afraid of the Russian authorities, in fact, they spit on them, and do exactly what they want.

The problem is not in Turkey at all, but here in Russia. On the one hand, complete permissiveness for the oligarchs, on the other hand, a disgusting “investment climate”. That is, doing business in our country is dangerous, unreliable. In addition, the authorities have no idea where we are going to move, what to build, and whether to build. And it’s kind of stressful. Today they say one thing, tomorrow another.

Clear plans for the development of the country – the so-called “reindustrialization” – in conjunction with the above measures can reverse the situation. That is to stop the new flow of money abroad. Plus, a certain amount of rigidity will be required, without it, alas, nothing. Until one of the oligarchs goes to the zone to sew mittens, the rest will not understand anything.

“Large owners are unwilling to invest in the technological renewal of the country. The work of the majority of Russian citizens is clearly underestimated. Millions of people receive a salary that can only be called a pathetic handout. At the same time, they see how the income that is created by their labor flows into the pockets of the nouveau riche. A system based on exploitation, riddled with corruption and conniving at the fantastic enrichment of the oligarchs, is unable to stimulate the restoration of industrial potential and the growth of labor productivity. If this system is preserved, if attempts continue to cling to the previous course, Russia will not be able to guarantee itself true independence and take its rightful place in the world, ”the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is convinced Gennady Zyuganov.

In fact, everyone is already aware of the need for change. In addition to the very “fifth column”, which, alas, is extremely numerous. And which, for the most part, makes decisions on the management of Russia. The choice, alas, is small – either they or we. We are all Russian people. We need to start building the future of Russia, not Turkey. The Ottomans themselves will do a great job, which they constantly prove in practice, they have a lot to learn. Including in terms of setting development goals.

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