Mar 31, 2021
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Russian artists called Ukraine’s criminal persecution belated

Actor Dmitry Kharatyan, singer Oleg Gazmanov and performer Olga Kormukhina commented on the criminal persecution of Russian artists by Ukraine after their performances on the Crimean bridge.

Russian artists called Ukraine's criminal persecution belated

The Russian stars considered the attacks of the Kiev wills amusing and belated.

According to Olga Kormukhina, the claims of Ukrainian representatives to the stars of show business make one think about their state of mind and sanity. The singer believes that it is absurd to take seriously the criminal deeds agitated in Ukraine.

“It’s funny just to pay attention to this for a normal person. Well, what to inflate out of this ?! Meli, Emelya, your week, as they say, ”said Kormukhina.

In an interview with foreign journalists, actor Dmitry Kharatyan emphasized that he portrays a citizen of the Russian Federation, and in this connection he has no pretext to respond to trailers from Uraina.

Oleg Gazmanov was also short. He hinted that the theme of the concert on the Crimean bridge is no longer relevant.

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Recently it became known that the prosecutor’s office of Ukraine stirred up criminal deeds in the relationship of 23 artists from Russia. The department noted that the reason for the persecution was a concert on the occasion of the opening of the Crimean bridge, which passed in 2018. In addition to the above-mentioned stars, Valeria, Dima Bilan, Larisa Dolina, Jasmine, Grigory Leps and many others have entered the “black list”.

23 Russian artists are accused of “illegal” visits to the “temporarily occupied” Crimean peninsula.

Previously, singer Alena Sviridova, leader of the Va-Bank group Alexander Sklyar and producer Iosif Prigozhin reacted to Ukraine’s attempt punish them for a concert in Crimea.

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