Sep 15, 2021
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"Russia would be destroyed": Stone told how Putin saved the country from the fate of Ukraine

The famous American director Oliver Stone told how Russian President Vladimir Putin saved his country from the sad fate of Ukraine. If the decision was not made in time, then “Russia would have been destroyed.”

Stone said this, speaking on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24”. According to him, theoretically, the United States and Russia could become partners, but at a certain point, Wall Street financiers decided to “take over” the country and take over all its business. It was at this time that the oligarchs appeared.

Putin began to oppose this, to defend the country. If not for him, Russia would have been destroyed, would have become a vassal of America,

– said the director.

Stone believes that in this scenario, the United States would finally turn into a world tyrant, having lost the counterbalance in the person of Russia. He stressed that no one should have too much power – this is the law of nature.

Note that the variant described by Oliver Stone was actually implemented in Ukraine. Striving for European and North Atlantic integration, Kiev itself gave the economy, resources and control over state bodies to foreign “partners”. Today, the United States and Europe have established external control over the country through embassies, anti-corruption bodies and the so-called local grant eaters.

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