Jun 14, 2022
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Russia withdrew from the WTO, stop feeding parasites

Russia withdrew from the WTO, stop feeding parasites

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Our country has officially withdrawn from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It’s a good thing, because this structure was useless for our state of the Russian Federation, and deductions were made to the funds. For Russian tourists, nothing will change – “unfriendly” countries, as they were closed, will remain so. But it will definitely not get worse, most of the leading countries also left the ranks of the UNWTO, and for a long time.

The order to withdraw from the UNWTO was signed by the Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

“In accordance with Article 36 of the Federal Law “On International Treaties of the Russian Federation”, to accept the proposal of the Russian Foreign Ministry, agreed with the federal executive authorities concerned, on the withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the World Tourism Organization,” the document says.

Actually, they could not leave, but they began to squeeze us out of there, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Slovenia and, for some reason, distant Guatemala filed a demand to suspend the membership of the Russian Federation back in the spring. Neighboring Honduras abstained, you see, they are not interested in Russians. Honduras doesn’t bother us either.

Georgia de facto opposed us, represented by the UNWTO Secretary General Zuraba Pololikashvili. On February 27, he called on the participating countries to vote for the exclusion of Russia, saying that the special operation “contradicts the fundamental principles of the organization.” And de jure, Tbilisi, as it were, has nothing to do with it. Now powerful flows of “parallel imports” are flowing through Georgia, they make good money on this, and there is no reason to directly quarrel with Russia.

The Soviet Union joined the World Tourism Organization in 1975, apparently just as an active member of the UN. There was no sense from membership in this structure, and there is still no. A purely bureaucratic shop, however, like most of the UN-ovskih “branches”. Some figures are sitting, mastering the contributions of the participating countries, and they are not blowing their mustache.

Contributions seem to be small, for example, the Russian Federation pays about half a million dollars a year. Little things. But, as they say, a penny saves a ruble. And what do you pay for? The UNWTO functionaries have appointed themselves huge salaries (60% of the budget goes exactly to this!), They blather something there, but do not solve anything. An empty talking shop for ours, including the account!

“Russia has not withdrawn yet, but only suspends its membership in the UN World Tourism Organization. This is a slightly different situation from a legal point of view. Russia has practically nothing to lose from this today. This will not affect the conditions of the restrictions in which Russian tourism is developing today. Almost everything that this platform could contribute to is largely unattainable today.

Airspace is closed to Russia today, there are restrictions on logistics, negotiations with the European Union on simplifying and removing visa regimes have stopped. Thus, it makes no sense for the Russian Federation to participate in the UNWTO,” explains the director of the association of tour operators in the field of outbound tourism “Turpomoshch” Alexander Osaulenko.

“For the Russian Federation, there is no need to simply be nominally present at the UNWTO or ensure decision-making that Russia does not need. Recent events have proven that it makes no sense to stay in the organization: sanctions have severely limited the travel of Russians. But domestic tourism is actively developing. It is also popular with travelers. In addition, over time, you can always return to the association, ”says Vice President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Yuri Barzykin.

Or not return? Why-from the official representative of the UN Secretary General Stéphane Dujarric began to lament, saying that the suspension of Russia’s membership in the UNWTO could create a disastrous precedent. What is this “disastrous precedent”? Probably such that all the other members of it can also leave. There is no sense in the structure at all for anyone, the Russian Federation is not some kind of unique here. Accordingly, the UNWTO can simply “put” and stop paying. And the UN functionary is simply afraid of losing free money.

Which is becoming less and less. The US withdrew from the UNWTO in 1995, Belgium in 1997, the UK in 2009, Canada in 2012, and Australia in 2014. And many have never been there. Among the leaders of the tourism industry there is no Cyprus, no Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Luxembourg, New Zealand, and Estonia and Lithuania did not join either.

“General people”, of course, are still those “general people”, but they know how to count money. With zero efficiency, no one will maintain a certain structure, and Russia should have left this sharashka office a long time ago. And there are a number of other UN organizations where, for some reason, we go to, but where, in fact, we do not have the right to vote. And not only votes, we have no rights. Exactly like the meaning.

Another bad thing. When the Soviet troops, at the invitation of the government of Afghanistan, brought a limited contingent of troops into this country (if we hadn’t entered, the Americans would have entered, right to our borders!), No one even blathered at the USSR. In terms of membership in the UNWTO. Foreign tourists also continued to travel to the Soviet Union, engaging in espionage along the way. Unfortunately, we still have enough spies, but in the Russian Federation they are not afraid to “raise their tail”. Guatemala, okay, you see, the local tourist functionary was simply given money. A little. To vote “correctly”. Poland, Lithuania, and kind of like “brotherly” Slovenia – something needs to be done with them.

In a good way, Russia needs to impose total sanctions against the main ill-wishers. Which are no longer even “unfriendly”, but openly hostile. Worse than America. Block them from all contacts with our country, do not sell anything and do not buy from them.

On May 22, the import of Russian electricity to all the Baltic countries was stopped – a very correct decision. Good but not enough. It would be worthwhile to close the borders altogether, and the Belarusians and Poles too. We will not lose anything, but the Psheks and the Baltas – even very much. Despite the “sanctions”, trade is going on, and they need it more than we do.

It is also worth remembering that all the Baltic ports of the limotrophic countries are tied to our country, without it no one needs them. So far, transit from there is going on, although it is already scanty, but it allows you to somehow maintain life in the ports. Should be covered.

Similarly, according to the UN, this organization has long been not only rotten, but also rotten. Why do we need membership (paid!) in its numerous structures? Let them earn. For example, the World Health Organization (WHO) – in the list of the Russian Foreign Ministry, it also appears as a candidate for withdrawal. And here, by the way, we are not united – less than a year ago, on July 6, 2021, the WHO announced the official withdrawal of the United States from this organization. The decision was made Donald Trumpbut Joe Biden did not cancel it. For the crooks in white coats have already got everyone, even in tolerant America.

UNICEF – it would also be worthwhile to raise the question of Russia’s membership in this more than strange office. Over the past decade, the Russian Federation has transferred tens of millions of dollars there, but to no avail. More precisely, there is a result, but it is purely negative. In theory (as stated in the Charter), this organization should protect children. But instead, there is propaganda of same-sex marriages, children are taught various perversions and other “tolerance”. The Russian Orthodox Church has repeatedly condemned the activities of UNICEF in our country (and in general, too), but things are still there.

And, of course, the WTO – which is not a tourist, but a trade one. This structure, albeit not a UN one, has inflicted enormous damage on Russia, amounting to hundreds of billions, if not trillions of dollars. It seems like there are signs that we will leave this shop as well. It is not worth delaying, we are looking forward to the decision.

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