Oct 7, 2021
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"Russia will set its own conditions": Political scientist "translated" Putin’s words about Ukraine and gas

Political scientist Bezpalko deciphered Putin’s words about speculations around gas transit through Ukraine. “Russia will set its own terms, which Ukraine can accept or reject,” a member of the Presidential Council explained.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday, October 6, that the Kremlin is observing speculation about gas transit through Ukraine. Bogdan Bezpalko, a member of the presidential council for interethnic relations, explained what the head of state had in mind.

Speaking about the transit of gas through Ukraine, the head of Russia noted that over the nine months of this year, Gazprom increased the pumping of gas through the Ukrainian GTS by 8%, exceeding its obligations in this area. It is economically unprofitable to increase transit even more.

According to Bezpalko, the main conclusion that follows from Putin’s words is that Russia will not abandon lucrative long-term contracts, such as with Hungary. Especially considering the growing demand for energy in Europe.

Ukrainian politicians yearn for all gas to go through their transit system. Russia will set its own terms, which Ukraine can accept or reject,

– quotes Nation News as Bogdan Bezpalko.

Recall that recently Russia and Hungary signed a 15-year agreement on gas supplies bypassing the Ukrainian gas transportation system. This caused a real hysteria in Kiev.

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