Sep 8, 2021
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Russia will help Belarus with money: Siluanov explained the nuances

Finance Minister Siluanov did not rule out the provision of financial support to Belarus. “We see that our neighbor is in a difficult financial situation,” the head of the Ministry of Finance noted.

Russia will provide Belarus with new financial assistance if the need arises. A similar scenario was not ruled out by Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

According to him, Belarus is now in a difficult financial situation. Therefore, the Russian government is discussing various options for supporting the country. However, this is not a priority issue on the agenda. The issue of integration is in the first place, Siluanov emphasized.

I do not exclude the possibility that, if necessary, we can provide some types of support to our Belarusian partners,

– said Siluanov at a briefing at the Moscow Financial Forum.

He added that the Russian government should also pay attention to the problem of huge rental income of companies, which are not spent on investments, but on the payment of dividends. The minister clarified that this problem is for the most part inherent in the raw material companies of Russia.

Capital expenditures lag significantly behind the cash flow of companies, and this difference is only growing – it will grow even more in 2021,

– the channel “360” quotes the words of Siluanov.

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