Feb 20, 2021
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Russia will firmly answer Ukraine for sanctions against Putin’s godfather – expert

Victor Medvedchuk. Photo: Kremlin Pool / Global Look Press /

Residents of Nezalezhnaya will feel the reaction of the Kremlin in their wallets and on the issue of Donbass

Russia will certainly answer Ukraine for the sanctions of the Kiev regime against the leader of the political force “Opposition Platform – For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk. And they will feel the reaction of Moscow in Nezalezhnaya on fuel prices, loss of business in the Russian Federation and, possibly, Donbass. This forecast was made by the Ukrainian political scientist Andrey Zolotarev.

Recall that on the eve of the NSDC imposed restrictions on the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin, as well as his wife Oksana Marchenko and eight other people, five of whom are Russians, as well as 19 legal entities.

The Ukrainian expert is sure that the answer to the leader of Independent Volodymyr Zelensky on Medvedchuk from the head of the Russian Federation will “arrive” and “we will see it at the price tags at gas stations, by diesel – for sure, or by (railway) wheels from Viktor Pinchuk, which will no longer be needed by the Russian Federation. “.

“We will also see the answer in the Donbass. Ukraine risks, I think, in the end, losing a part of Donbass that is not controlled by Kiev,” Zolotarev quoted as saying.

In his opinion, yesterday’s permission for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to open “return fire” was a signal for those dissatisfied with the ceasefire, which started last summer. The expert suggests that now there will be exacerbations in the Donbass, but Kiev is not ready for a large-scale war. Zolotarev is convinced that no Karabakh or Croatian scenario will happen in Donbass. But local outbreaks will definitely be there.

Earlier on Saturday, February 20, the Kremlin already received a reaction to the sanctions against the head of one of the leading Ukrainian opposition parties through the mouth of the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov. He said that Moscow is concerned about such steps by the authorities of Independence, RIA Novosti reports. In Russia, a “reactionary trend is gaining strength” in the political and social spheres of the cathedral, said Peskov.

“We see repressive actions against the media, against the citizens of Ukraine, against the leading politicians of Ukraine,” the Kremlin’s voice emphasized.

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