Jan 10, 2022
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Russia will be left without diapers, gadgets and machines: the West is working on new sanctions

Russia will be left without diapers, gadgets and machines: the West is working on new sanctions

Photo: Russian Embassy in the USA / / Global Look Press

The Americans are “considering the option” of restrictions on the supply of high-tech products to Russia. As if with a proviso – if our country attacks Ukraine. But, in fact, this is nothing more than verbal tinsel – the Russian Federation is systematically “closed”, soon you will have to forget about Apple devices, and Windows too.

According to Bloomberg, the American administration is studying the issue of limiting the export of high-tech products, primarily microelectronics. Anything “made with the use of American technologies” or where there is software from the United States will also fall under the ban.

Extremely broad formulations that make it possible to create whatever you want. Take diapers, for example, the first thing that comes to mind. Is the technology American? American! High tech? Yes, not without that – the membrane material is present inside. That’s all, amba – you can’t give it to the Russians. We close factories in the Russian Federation, we prohibit import deliveries. Let them learn to wash dirty diapers again.

With smartphones, tablets and other devices with Android, Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS, everything is generally simple. They clicked the mouse – they turned into dead pieces of plastic and silicon.

“You can, of course, disable operating system updates, but many functions will be lost, especially critical for smartphones. But it still won’t help, they will find a loophole – the systems are developed by them. For example, they will write a simple program that will be tied to the geolocation of the gadget. He got to the territory of the Russian Federation – that’s it, khan, the first time it is turned on, the drive is formatted. There is no reception against scrap, we do not have our own software. All hope is in the Chinese, ”says an information security specialist for one defense government agency.

“Chinese Android” – the operating system HarmonyOS from Huawei, and it is compatible in applications with the American development, is already in full swing in the PRC. In the very near future, the so-called “global release” should be released, and the system can be installed on any device around the world. But in Russia there are already smartphones on sale with HarmonyOS, moreover, quite “official” ones.

It’s not that simple with Ubuntu. Yes, de jure it is developed by enthusiasts all over the world, “free software” and all that. But in fact, there is such a British structure called Canonical Ltd. A type of private company owned by a British citizen (and South Africa – dual citizenship) Mark Shuttleworth… The structure is actively cooperating with British intelligence, who would doubt it. With all the ensuing consequences.

“One of the greatest strengths of free software is that the community protects users from malware. And now Ubuntu has become a counterexample. Ubuntu has tracking software. When a user searches their files for a string using the Ubuntu desktop environment, Ubuntu sends the string to one of Canonical’s servers, ”explains the founder of the free software movement. Richard Stallman

As you know, at the moment Great Britain is the “51st state” – its policy is completely dependent. What they say in the “Washington Regional Committee”, then London will do it. So don’t roll your lip – Ubuntu will not help us. This OS can also be turned off at any time.

However, gadgets used primarily for entertainment are not at all something to grieve about. Yes, it’s bad without communication, but the Chinese will help. For your own benefit, of course, not without it. Another thing is worse.

Let us recall the recent Soviet past. Everything that Washington is broadcasting about today has happened before. Back in 1949, the CoCom (Coordinating Committee for Multilateral Export Controls) was launched – a coordinating committee for export control in the USSR and socialist countries. In addition to electronics, supplies of all kinds of machine tools and other high-tech equipment were prohibited to the Soviet Union.

The USSR itself produced machine tools, occupying here one of the leading positions in the world, the export of our equipment went to all countries. Excellent quality and quite humane price, everyone bought, there was a great interest in supplies from the Soviet Union. And in response, they “bypassed” the CoCom bans. The same Japanese, who are by no means our friends (a major scandal with Toshiba). And not only. The Germans, the French, the Americans themselves and other various Swedes – ours paid, they supplied. Fuchs, yes, but they did.

For the most part, this imported equipment was used in the USSR to develop its own analogues. As the Chinese are doing now. More precisely, not quite so – they created their own models, and studied foreign machines in order not to engage in the “invention of the bicycle”. By the way, companies from the PRC today also have to go to various tricks in order to get one or another sample of the latest equipment. Don’t sell! For the Chinese will immediately copy it and make it ten times cheaper. Yes, the quality will be wrong. But the price …

CoCom was disbanded in 1994. But already in 1996, the so-called Wassenaar Accords began to work – the same thing, but under a different name. Russia also signed that it would not sell “dual-use technology” to the side. But we have practically no such people left! In turn, the “enlightened common people” do not supply to the Russian Federation everything that they consider necessary.

A few years ago, German Trumpf GmbH, Schuler AG and a number of other companies were banned from supplying machine tools to our country, among the recipients were Almaz-Antey, Uralvagonzavod, and a number of other structures. The Japanese from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. also sent our “defense” to a short Japanese national address, failed to come to an agreement with the Czechs and the French.

But that was, relatively speaking, special equipment, now everything is wooling. And it started last year. So, in the spring of 2021, the Germans imprisoned as many as two of their citizens, who acted as intermediaries in the supply of metal-working machines to the Russian Federation, which “can be used in military rocketry.” Or they may not be used, yes …

“The accused is suspected of violating the foreign trade law. In two episodes he is suspected of exporting goods to Russia without the necessary permission … In the other two, he is accused of violating the ban on sales and commercial actions in the interests of foreign intelligence services, ”the German prosecutor’s office said at the time.

“In the interests of the foreign intelligence service” is just a wording. In Russia everything is under the control of the FSB, as in the USSR – under the control of the KGB. Nothing has changed, CoCom is working.

Now EVERYTHING can be closed.

“Technological sanctions will affect some of the Russian president’s favorite Vladimir Putin industries, especially aerospace and military, ”writes The New York Times. This is, if someone does not understand, the American “officialdom”.

We don’t know which industries, according to the Americans, Putin likes “not particularly”, but, apparently, everything. According to traders of machine-tool equipment, since the fall of last year, there have already been interruptions in the supply of even analogues of Soviet “school” machine tools – TV-7, NGF-110 and others like them. In the sense of not Chinese, but European – Czech and German. Like coronavirus, lockdowns, and everything else. This equipment, of course, cannot be used in the defense industry, but even it is being “shut down”.

What do we have our own? Almost nothing. Last year, the well-known “brace” site telling about the successes of “putinomics” trumpeted the release of the 1000th lathe 16k25. Of which in the USSR they made tens of thousands of them a year … But this is not the biggest problem yet. “Horse” price tag, disgusting quality and the actual lack of a guarantee. Such equipment is taken only under government contracts, for kickbacks.

“In Astrakhan, it has been three years since they ordered a pair of high-precision machines, and they still do this. The money was barely returned. And in Ryazan, there is only assembly on old restored beds. Today we do not pour the beds – the foundry is completely buried from the word. China remains current, ”writes a Segad user on the Metal Forum.

“The prices from our manufacturers are always“ on demand ”, and some of them are cosmic. For the most common restored Soviet 16K20s, where they stuck a sign “Made in Russia”. And the attitude … “If you are such an eccentric that you bought our machine, then go to (unprintable expression).” No guarantee, you yourself are to blame for everything, just hang up. I don’t know who buys it, once was enough for us, foolishly seduced by advertising. We barely got rid of this machine later. With losses, of course, ”- says the owner of a small production.

Washington’s statement that it is “considering an option” can be considered a fait accompli. And Ukraine has nothing to do with it. They are simply finishing off the “gas station” so that it does not have any “non-core” equipment. Even a stone ax. And if you do not start to counteract this, it will happen.

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