May 23, 2020
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Russia will be able to produce oil without imported industrial parts

Domestic scientists created a composite pipe technology for developing oil reserves

Composites of Russia developed an import-substituting composite pipe manufacturing technology for developing hard-to-recover oil reserves, hydrocarbon production in the Arctic and on a complicated fund wells.

This work was carried out with the aim of replacing the import of linear, casing and tubing pipes in a corrosion-resistant version.

The developers note that expanding the scope of application of composite pipes can increase the percentage of application of these products at facilities Fuel and energy complex, which, in turn, increases the economic efficiency and safety of oil and hydrocarbon production and transportation.

In the process, various characteristics were improved. Due to the selection of binders, the maximum working temperature was increased to + 180 ºС, and the maximum working pressure to 300 atmospheres.

This allowed the use of composite pipes at great depths, in fields with abnormally high temperatures in the reservoirs. To increase the life cycle of tubing, the mileage of threaded joints has been increased to 12 guaranteed tripping and lowering operations (STR).

“We understand the importance of development of the Arctic region of the country and developed solutions related to the heating of the pipe. This is especially in demand when developing hard-to-recover reserves of high-viscosity oil and hydrocarbon production in arctic conditions. The result was achieved through the introduction of electrically conductive materials in the design of the pipe, ”explains Vladimir Nelyub, Director of the MICC“ Composites of Russia ”MSTU. N.E. Bauman

The results of this work were introduced and launched at the production facilities of NPO ZST LLC.

Photo: MITs Composites of Russia »MSTU named after N.E. Bauman

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