Feb 16, 2021
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Russia wants to create a ministry of psychological assistance

The coronavirus pandemic has dealt a serious blow not only to health, but also to the state of mind of people. Many have reconsidered their views on contacts and communication.

Coronavirus in Russia today continues to distance people from each other. Fearing to catch the “plague of the 21st century”, citizens keep contacts to a minimum and prefer to work and communicate remotely. In addition, due to the constant presence in the same room, many spouses terminated the relationship, not the name of the opportunity to be alone with oneself and relax. As a result, a real epidemic of mental disorders, associated with loneliness, began in a number of countries.

To remedy the situation, the Japanese authorities established the post of Minister of Solitude. Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Andrei Anokhin proposed to create a similar department in Russia, calling it, for example, the Ministry of Psychological Aid. It will take care of the mental well-being of citizens, writes

Anokhin noted that a similar structure could also be established within the Ministry of Health. Moreover, it will have to provide, including – free assistance to the population. However, sociologist Valeria Kasamara suggested that Russians might react negatively to such a step, because it implies an increase in the number of civil servants. In this regard, she proposed to appoint persons responsible for psychological health from among the current employees of the Ministry of Health and Social Bloc.


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