Apr 8, 2021
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Russia urged Ukraine and NATO to stop escalating tensions in Donbass

Russia called on Ukraine and NATO member countries to stop military preparations and escalation of tensions in Donbass, as well as refrain from destabilizing actions, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova.

She stressed that the Russian side is in favor of resolving the conflict in Donbass exclusively by peaceful means on the basis of the Minsk agreements, approved by UN Security Council Resolution 2202, without any alternative.

In addition, Zakharova pointed to an increase in the activity of the armed forces of NATO countries on Ukrainian territory and in the Black Sea in the immediate vicinity of the Russian borders, as well as to a significant intensification of intelligence activities of foreign states in Ukraine along the borders with Russia and the contact line in Donbass using aircraft. and radio-electronic means.

Also, the financial and logistical support of the Ukrainian armed forces from NATO continues, the supply of lethal weapons, the training of the Ukrainian military by Western instructors, added the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry. She stressed that such actions do not contribute to an increase in the level of security in the region and the settlement of the conflict and cause concern for Moscow.

Zakharova drew attention to the fact that Kiev continues to pull new forces to the contact line and violate the ceasefire. She also added that Moscow drew attention to “the aggressive information campaign unleashed recently by Ukraine and a number of Western countries that are trying to accuse Russia of escalating tensions in the Donbass and on the Russian-Ukrainian border.”

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that the aggravated situation in the east of Ukraine provoked by Kiev and the planned military training activities of the Russian Armed Forces were chosen as a pretext. “We consider such a policy of disinformation and propaganda as actions designed to create the necessary information background and divert attention from Kiev’s own military preparations in the Donbass, Ukrainian sabotage of the implementation of the Minsk agreements and the buildup of military activity of NATO countries in Ukraine,” Zakharova summed up.

Earlier, the Kremlin stated that the Russian Armed Forces are located where it is deemed necessary and expedient, and that Russia does not pose a threat to any country in the world.

It was also noted that NATO has invited Ukraine to take part in at least seven military exercises in 2021.

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