Jul 31, 2020
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Russia tightened the requirements for bookmakers

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law tightening the requirements for bookmakers. The document was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

In particular, the law prohibits betting on entertainment and entertainment events, the results of elections and referendums, as well as combining the activities of bookmakers and sweepstakes.

The document defines a list of events where bookmakers are allowed to accept bets. These include official sports competitions and competitions organized by all-Russian sports federations, professional sports leagues, as well as international or foreign sports organizations.

According to the adopted law, on the totalizator, bets can only be made on horse races at racetracks.

In addition, the requirements for the equipment that can be used in bookmakers are being clarified. Licenses will be issued to carry out activities related to the organization and conduct of gambling in bookmakers or sweepstakes. The law specifies the specifics of the cancellation of a license or its suspension for 90 days.

As noted earlier, the law is aimed at preventing the organization of gambling using slot machines under the guise of bookmaking.

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