Jun 29, 2021
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Russia taunts the United States: China has explained what this will lead to

Chen Yijun, a researcher at the Institute of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, believes that Russia is making fun of the United States. He explained what exactly and what consequences such behavior can have.

On the pages of the Chinese publication Huangqiu Shibao, the author claims that Russia is making fun of the United States by planning de-dollarization. This is an openly contemptuous attitude towards American hegemony and a certain protest.

Moving away from the dollar will not have too much impact on the Russian economy. The ruble is stable as legal tender. Russia does not have a very significant volume of trade with the United States. The main trading partners for Moscow are still the EU member states and China.

The de-dollarization of Russia will negatively affect the United States. Washington will find itself in an extremely awkward position in front of its allies, and from this it will find itself in an even more humiliated position, the expert said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country was ready to abandon the dollar and switch to settlements in national currencies with its partners. A variant of the euro is possible when it comes to gas contracts with the EU. According to the head of state, the United States does not value its own currency. For Washington, the dollar is only an instrument of political and competitive struggle.

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