Feb 23, 2021
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Russia struggles to pull out of European teeth

Europe is a seducer. How many times it seduces Russia with its comfort, prosperous way of life, the perfection of its technologies, its Louvre, Prado, Uffizi … The Gorbachev Soviet Union was seduced by Europe, dreamed of joining Europe. Liberal politicians developed a theory of entry into Europe. According to this theory, the giant continent “Russia” could not enter Europe as a whole; at the same time, it had to be divided into parts. Gabriel Popov proposed to divide the Soviet Union into eighty parts. Each of these parts separately enters Europe and there forms its own small civilized state. These microscopic parts of the continent that entered Europe are being combined into a new pro-European whole.

Gorbachev proclaimed his crafty thesis “Europe is our common home.” There, in this common house, we had to sit on equal terms at a hospitable European table. But when the parts of the Soviet state, separated by Yeltsin, began to enter Europe, it turned out that it was not too willing to accept settlers. Many of these mini-states are still writhing in European arms, unable to breathe.

Russia is struggling to pull itself out of European teeth. Gnawed, bitten, she still wants to believe in Europe: in her loftiness, nobility, in her state institutions, in her science, in her spiritual treasures. In response to this admiration, Russia receives jaws from Europe. These jaws follow one another, becoming more frequent. Europe is hammering its gullible Russian face with its fists, and Russia does not have time to wipe away tears and blood after these blows.

Returning Crimea, welcoming the uprising of Donbass, Russia looked back at Europe. Listening to European voices, Russia stopped the outburst of the Donbass militias, who, after the Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo cauldrons, went on the offensive, were ready to go to Mariupol and beyond. Russia stopped this impulse, frightened by the shouts and threats of European politicians. We have stopped this impulse, but the sanctions continue. These sanctions are humiliating and insulting. Russia is kicked out of the European threshold, spitting at it, throwing stones, and Russia is shamefacedly treading on the doorstep, dreaming of returning back to a warm, well-groomed European palace. It’s time for Russia to wake up, it’s time to change clothes – to change suits from Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent for clothes from the Bolshevik factory, and if necessary, for bulletproof vests.

The people of Russia, having survived the miracle of the Crimea, went out. He fell into despondency after the tragedy of Donbass, when Russians were killed in front of the whole world, and every funeral that came to the house of a Donetsk militia was perceived by our people as a funeral that flew like a black bird to his house.

Russia is our common home. Huge, washed by three oceans, with innumerable riches, inhabited by many delightful peoples, which merge into one symphonic people of Russia. The Russian people are great, capable of grandiose victories, enlightenments, ready to go for heroism and death for the sake of their universal dream. He is sacrificial, believing, hardworking, like no other nation in the world. Russian codes are the keys that history presses, allowing our people to survive in the most difficult times, making incredible efforts, performing unprecedented deeds, and achieving grandiose victories.

Today Russian codes are dormant. Our piano is closed. Our pianist is resting. Let him be awakened by boorish shouts that come from London and Paris. Let him fully feel the monstrous ram of America, which Biden directs into the core of Russian statehood. Let the pianist open the piano, press the black-and-white keys, revive the eternal Russian codes, and we will play the symphony of the Russian Victory with all the people.

Alexander Prokhanov

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