Aug 28, 2022
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Russia sharpens “Daggers” for key NATO facilities

In the photo: a pair of MiG-31s ​​equipped with the Kinzhal supersonic missile system

In the photo: a pair of MiG-31s ​​equipped with the Kinzhal supersonic missile system (Photo: MOD Russia/via

During the Cold War, one of the central bases for the storage and maintenance of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons in the USSR was the so-called “Object 711”, aka “Ivanovo-Frankivsk-16” in Delyatyn in Ukraine. Built in 1955 150 meters underground, this two-story military warehouse town was able to withstand a direct hit from an atomic bomb and was considered one of the safest arsenals in the world, according to open sources.

After the removal of the entire nuclear arsenal from there in the early 90s, the Ministry of Defense considered one of the safest empty arsenals in the world to be an ideal base for storing most of the aviation and missile ammunition from Western Ukraine.

But in the course of a special military operation, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation clearly showed that the latest hypersonic (non-nuclear!) Kinzhal missiles in service with the RF Armed Forces are capable of cracking such anti-nuclear fortifications like seeds: on March 18, the famous “Object 711” was completely destroyed by a direct hit of one such missile .

This was a real shock for the NATO command. And given that this happened just 80 km from the border with Romania, it was a double shock, because in 2016 this country deployed on its territory at the Deveselu military base the Aegis Ashore stationary missile defense system with three batteries of American RIM-161 Standard missile interceptors Missile 3 (SM-3).

They, as the Americans assure, are designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles and warheads at atmospheric altitudes and at long ranges. However, the strike of the Russian hypersonic “Dagger” clearly demonstrated that the vaunted US Aegis Ashore missile defense system, in case of military necessity, would be wiped off the face of the earth long before it could be put on alert.

Shouldn’t this fact, coupled with the transfer of our MiG-31Ks with a set of “Daggers” on board to the Kaliningrad region, be considered as a sign that we have not only sent an unambiguous signal to Washington’s militant henchmen of NATO, but are also seriously starting to prepare for such a critical scenario as a possible direct military clash with NATO?

Many international analysts, however, convince the public that things will never come to this, but even before the past New Year, there were no assumptions in the calculations of analysts about the special operation that began just two months after the holidays in Ukraine.

“The way the world works is that if some kind of armed conflict begins in it, then it goes on until it ends with something, often even against the will of the parties,” notes independent military expert, retired Colonel of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Igor Vybornenko. – Now the Anglo-Saxons have rested. And, taking into account the widespread opinion that they actually never “go back”, the matter, in principle, can reach a serious conflict.

But for now, the Anglo-Saxons are simply testing us for compliance. They feel how long Russia, figuratively speaking, can put pressure on a sore spot. They brought, say, 8 Haymars to Ukraine, looked – they weren’t enough, they brought 4 more pieces, and so on. At the same time, they are constantly looking to see if Russia will give up slack, and when will it reach the very last “red line”, where it is more prudent to stop? Now all events are developing in line with, as they say, “a duel of minds.” Everyone wants to find out who will be the first to fail.

“SP”: – That is, we nevertheless showed the West with “Daggers”, figuratively speaking, how much will a pound dashing cost them?

– Yes. Unfortunately, earlier we often found ourselves in the role of followers, situationally reacting to certain events. Now we have finally worked ahead of the curve, and quite rightly, because the situation is very complicated and extremely dangerous.

“SP”: – Why was an object chosen near the borders of Romania for the first demonstration of the destructive power of the “Daggers”? Is the Deveselu base there the biggest threat?

“This object had to be destroyed within the framework of the NWO, that’s all,” states military expert, captain 1st rank Vasily Dandykin. – And besides, it could be 20 km from Romania, it’s not specifically about it. The main thing is that “from the other side” they understand that if something happens, a gift will fly there at a hypersonic speed of Mach 10, penetrating through any concrete floors. This is our undisguised hint, especially against the backdrop of bellicose statements by Poland, which demands the demilitarization of Kaliningrad and generally considers these lands to be its own.

By the way, the transfer of our MiGs with “Daggers” to Kaliningrad shook up not only Poland, but NATO as a whole, even the joining states. It is not for nothing that Swedish pilots, on the eve of the country’s entry into the alliance, began to leave their Air Force en masse. Russia is certainly a great country, and if things do turn out to be serious, she has shown that she is ready to use all the weapons she has for her defense. Not only “Daggers”, but also naval “Zircons”, and even “Sarmatians” with a hypersonic unit.

We made it clear to the West – do not tempt fate, do not solve your problems, hoping for our “bogging down” in a special operation in Ukraine. And then, after all, both NATO and the United States themselves began to show unhealthy military activity near our Far East, in the Arctic they are gathering their “shock fist”. What can we do in such conditions? Only to restrain this demonism, demonstrating to the overplayed Yankees, “hotheads” in Poland and a little boy Zelensky our, without exaggeration, “weapon of the world” – “Daggers”, “Zircons”, “Sarmatians”, “Vanguards”, “Poseidons”.

“SP”: – Since March 18, when we “Dagger” destroyed the Ukrainian “Object 711” in the Ivanovo-Frankivsk region, more than one month has passed, but, for example, Liz Truss, who claims to be the Prime Minister of Britain, recently stated, that it is ready, if necessary, to use nuclear weapons without any hesitation, keeping Russia in mind, no doubt. Our undisguised hint did not reach the Anglo-Saxons?

– If we talk about Britain, the imperial ambitions that the country is trying to revive after leaving the European Union are simply overwhelmed there. They want to put their old rival Germany on the shoulder blades, while they look like the coolest in Europe, they want to become the best friends of their former colony of the United States and steer the politics of Ukraine. So they have their own disassembly.

And in this fuss, Britain, obviously, has not yet fully understood that, firstly, it is an island state, and, secondly, it is easy to reach it with missiles from the same Kaliningrad. “Daggers” from there to London fly only 10 minutes. But if Liz Truss, who rode a tank, believes that this is an empty threat, this does not mean that there are no smart people in Britain who understand the danger of her folly, and that a likely conflict with Russia is not for you to go to the Falklands.

Unfortunately, the current political elite of the West has absolutely degenerated in matters of the security of their countries. You look at what they say, especially in the Baltics, and you understand that all this is already bordering on mental illness. However, life will soon make them understand one simple truth – one must be friends with Russia, not clash, our whole history is an example of this. Yet they want to live – and Boris Johnsonand Truss, and all the rest.

It is they who, out of old habit, hope that we will suddenly become accommodating, as in the 90s, but now this is a matter of principle for us. “Why do we need such a world if there is no Russia in it,” our president said, and it seems to me that this is more than a transparent hint that we are not going to retreat in this case.

It sounds quite alarming, I agree, but I think that the young generation of Western politicians, who really understand very well that Russia is not to be trifled with in matters of principle. There, Germany pushed around and pushed around, and decided to send five turbines for Nord Stream, which are actually under Western sanctions, to us.

A very illustrative example.

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