Oct 2, 2021
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Russia saves China

Russia saves China

Beijing has asked the Russian holding company Inter RAO to increase the pumping of electricity to China.

The northern provinces of China, which are home to over 100 million people, are in greatest need of electricity right now. These provinces have the most blackouts. Chinese President Xi Jinping demanded that every effort be made to resolve the energy crisis. This problem can be partially solved by increasing purchases of electricity and coal from Russia.

Today Russian coal is in great demand, China and Europe are trying to buy it. Our coal mining industry is increasing production, but there is no longer enough coal to satisfy all requests from other countries.

Due to the high cost of coal, Chinese power plants are being closed, as they cannot supply electricity at a price set by the state, which does not pay for its production.

The demand for energy resources in China increased by 15 percent in 2021. But the government cannot raise the price of electricity for households, as this could cause massive unrest. The Chinese leadership is beginning to fear that the energy crisis will undermine people’s confidence in the authorities. Throughout the past years, the Chinese have been convinced that their country has become a world leader and is capable of meeting all their needs.

Nikolay Ivanov


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