Nov 16, 2021
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Russia returned the landfill to Kazakhstan – locals and Chinese are happy

According to the Kazakh media, the Russian Federation is completing the return to the republic of a part of the leased territory of the Taisoigan landfill of the Kyzylkoginsky district of the Atyrau region. The government of Kazakhstan confirmed that, according to the agreement, the northern part of the landfill “Taisoigan – State Flight Test Center (GLITS) No. 929, which was previously leased by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, came under the jurisdiction of Kazakhstan”

The Taisoigan Proving Ground (“929th Flight Site”) was established in 1949. The test site covered almost 800 thousand square kilometers. It is sometimes said that nuclear weapons were tested here, but nuclear explosions to test the technology of creating cavities in salt layers were carried out elsewhere – at the Azgir test site.

“929th Airplane Site” was divided into three sections, on which, according to unverified information, cruise missiles, air defense missile systems, ballistic missile warheads were tested SS-20… The tests were carried out until the end of the 80s. After the collapse of the USSR, Taisoigan was used by the Valery Chkalov State Flight Test Center of the RF Ministry of Defense as a safe zone for testing aircraft, for turning them over the range and for a forced landing in the event of an emergency. After 2000, the tests were completely stopped. It is worth noting that the landfill brought Kazakhstan $ 4 million in rent annually.

Under the USSR, Taisogan was part of the state farm named after I. F. Engels, whose specialization was the breeding of sheep of the famous Karakul breed. In the mid-90s, the state farm was disbanded, machinery and livestock were separated, the farm fell into decay. Many looked for the causes of the devastation in the “Soviet past”. According to ecologists, the main danger was represented by the large content of lead, thallium, cadmium, and mercury in soils. Allegedly, due to contamination of land and water in the Kyzylkoginsky region, there is an increase in lung, oncological and cardiovascular diseases. Hydrogeologists say that due to objective and subjective reasons, the Yeralinsky hydroelectric complex is significantly dehydrated.

In this regard, for almost 3 years at the landfill, joint research was carried out for the presence of hazardous substances in soil and water. According to the research results, it became known that 624.6 thousand hectares of returned land are ecologically safe and suitable for agriculture. However, the process of transferring land to local residents was delayed. Senator who recently visited the landfill Sarsembay Ensegenov said that the land will be transferred for use in December.

The population accepted this decision of Moscow and Nur-Sultan with enthusiasm. The Chinese are much more inspired by the transfer of the landfill. The fact is that the Uaz and Kondybai gas fields have been explored here, but the work was complicated by the presence of the military. Since 2018, by agreement with Embamunaigas JSC, the Chinese BGP LLP has been conducting exploration and geological research here.

By the way, the Chinese presence causes anxiety among the locals, as elsewhere in Western Kazakhstan, where the dominance of the Chinese in the oil and gas sector has more than once led to social conflicts.

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