Aug 27, 2021
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Russia returned "support frame": "Securing the USA and Bypassing Britain" – political scientist

Russia has returned its “support frame”. We are talking about the defense industry complex, which to date has been fully restored after the crisis of the 1990s, said military political analyst Alexander Mikhailov: “We are fixing ourselves behind the United States and bypassing Britain.”

Russia is moving to the accelerated development of high-tech industry. A special role will be played by the military-industrial complex, which can become a real driver of growth for the entire economy, said the host of Tsargrad Nikita Komarov in the program “Without censorship”.

Will the army be able to pull the country out? – the presenter of the “First Russian” asked a question.

A guest of the studio, the head of the bureau of military-political analysis, military political scientist Alexander Mikhailov, tried to answer him. He noted that lately Russia has been annually expanding its export opportunities in the field of arms and related industry products.

So, our country literally over the past 10-15 years has risen in the world arms market from 5th – 6th to 2nd – 3rd places, the interlocutor of Constantinople drew attention:

We are fixing ourselves with the United States, competing with China and bypassing Britain. All this suggests that Russia has completely restored its defense-industrial complex, which, unfortunately, degraded in the early 1990s.

Thus, now the defense industry complex has once again become the “supporting frame” of Russia, as it previously was for the Soviet Union, when, in fact, it fed a significant part of citizens, providing, in particular, jobs, the expert summed up.

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