Oct 1, 2021
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Russia responded to Kuleba’s threats to provide “serious problems”

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Kiev was advised not to brandish a “cardboard cudgel” in the hope of allies

The new statement by the head of Ukrainian diplomacy Dmitry Kuleba does not cause concern in Moscow – the current Foreign Minister Nezalezhnaya is quite consistent with the general image of official Kiev, which uses imaginary threats with brandishing a “club”, hoping for the intercession of third countries. This statement was made by the deputy from Sevastopol Dmitry Belik.

Earlier, Kuleba said that Kiev was ready to provide the Russian Federation with “serious problems.” At the same time, the minister accused the Kremlin of “manipulation, lies and cynicism,” saying that the Ukrainian side is in cooperation with partners to create conditions for Russia to “end its aggression.”

However, Belik pointed out, the Russian side has faced accusations from those who are completely devoid of the capacity for objectivity and honesty. The current Ukrainian administration is “brandishing a cardboard cudgel” against the backdrop of patronage standing behind. The examples emerging in practice make it possible to conclude that the allies would prefer to avoid showdowns.

“I think Kiev has neither the desire nor the strength to deal with us. Russia is blamed for the aggression by those who in ’14 gouged out the riot police’s eyes and burned them alive. …

In general, the deputy recalled, the threats from the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry against Russia are no longer counted, and the last demarche is not something special.

Earlier, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine addressed such threats to the UN for being absent from the “Crimean Platform”: then the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to hold an “educational conversation” with his colleagues from the world organization.

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