Feb 22, 2021
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Russia responded to accusations of “climate attack” on the United States

Man cannot change and control the climate, so Russia has nothing to do with abnormal frosts in the United States. Alexander Losev, a member of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, said this in response to the suspicions of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the website reports.

“To move billions of tons of air and oceanic masses, more energy is needed than the entire nuclear stockpile of Russia and than all the thermal and electrical energy generated by our power plants,” he stressed.

Losev recalled that one medium hurricane has a capacity of 250 megatons of TNT equivalent.

Earlier, the Daily Mail reported, citing Professor Alan Robock from Rutgers University in New Jersey, that the CIA was interested in whether “hostile states” could cause frosts, snow storms and other weather disasters.

The Russian expert added that the sharp abnormal cooling in Russia, Europe and America this winter is due to the La Niña effect. Last fall, the east trade winds pushed warm water off the coast of Chile and Peru to Australia and Indonesia. Instead, very cold water rose from the depths of the ocean. Due to the huge “cold wedge” of water in the Pacific Ocean, the temperature began to decrease all over the world, Losev added.

The United States is extremely concerned about the emergency situation in Texas and a number of other states against the backdrop of abnormal frosts down to -18 ° C. Many cities were left without electricity and water, more than 30 people died.

This is not the first time climate weapons have attracted media attention. In August 2020, Konstantin Sivkov, Deputy President of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences for Information Policy, Doctor of Military Sciences, spoke about the American HAARP system in the Military Industrial Courier publication.

This weapon is credited with the ability to change the climate in certain regions. The scientist said that initially HAARP was created as an anti-missile defense complex. Its principle of operation consists in powerful microwave radiation, which makes it possible to disable a warhead or an aircraft located in a zone of high electromagnetic field strength.

During the tests, it was revealed that the emitter is capable of influencing the geophysics of the planet and the weather over its large regions. According to Sivkov, this is due to the relationship between the ionosphere and the troposphere.

“There is an opportunity to influence the bowels of the planet,” Sivkov said, noting that this is a serious problem, since today it is impossible to predict how and which region on Earth will be affected by HAARP if it is applied.

When forecasting methods are developed, HAARP will turn into a powerful geophysical and climatic weapon capable of causing weather cataclysms, the expert warned.

It should be added that the last, abnormally warm and snowless winter in the State Duma was associated with the use of American climate weapons. This assumption was made by State Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlev.

“These developments are underway, although they are prohibited, but they are definitely being developed,” Zhuravlev added. He also reminded the United States that if they use these weapons against Russia, they must remember that they will use them against the whole world. “But we will suffer the most because of this,” he concluded.

Many scientists question the reality of climate weapons; some believe this is a myth designed to distract attention from industrial emissions and other factors that negatively affect the climate.


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