Oct 18, 2020
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Russia reacted to the general’s statement about the Ukrainian "empire" to Vladivostok

Ukrainian flag. Photo: Hennadii Minchenko / Keystone Press Agency /

The ex-head of the SBU believes that Kiev had a huge historical impact

The ex-head of the SBU Igor Smeshko, in an interview with reporters, announced the existence of a "Ukrainian" empire before Vladivostok, which was much more powerful than the Moscow state.

The general said that Russia was located on two-thirds of the country's modern territory.

"It was an empire, all other lands - Suzdal, Vladimir, Novgorod - are dependent on the metropolis, as in all empires," Igor Smeshko explained to the UKRLIFE.TV YouTube channel.

The politician believes that Ukraine has made a huge contribution to history, and in the 17th century, its influence spread right up to Vladivostok. According to Smeshko, it was Ukraine that covered up the culturally weak Moscow State, RIA Novosti writes. He also added that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country should have been called "Ukraine-Rus" to highlight the country's contribution to culture and history.

But the politician only amused the Russians with such statements. "Let me laugh", "That's for sure when the surname fully corresponds to the inner content. Smeshko said, Smeshko made fun", "All these statements are a manifestation of an inferiority complex", "Well, when illiterate lumpen, or psychiatric patients, are carrying this. But this is a general, was the head of the SBU "," We look forward to the statements of the Ukrainian generals that their ancestors dug the Barents, Okhotsk Seas and the Bering Strait "," It used to be funny, no longer. How to stop this insanity? Reading - it's sickening, " comments.

Let us remind you that earlier the Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk made a proposal to adopt an "anti-Russian code."

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