Apr 23, 2022
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Russia prepares to raise the red flag

Russia prepares to raise the red flag

Photo: Grigory Sysoev / TASS

The Communist Party proposed at the state level to replace the Russian tricolor with the flag of the USSR. The relevant bill has been submitted to the State Duma. Politicians raised the issue amid the informal use of the red flag as a symbol of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine.

According to the bill, the state flag of Russia will be “a red rectangular panel with an image in its upper corner, near the staff, of a golden hammer and sickle and above them a red five-pointed star framed by a golden border.”

The change of the flag, the explanatory note says, “will contribute to the patriotic education of citizens, will allow you to freely and openly express feelings of pride in your country, love and respect for it, and will preserve the reverence and memory of our ancestors – the defenders of the Fatherland.”

In addition, the authors of the law appeal to Russian traditions: “red means beautiful, the color of faith, hope, the triumph of good over evil, the color loved by the people.” The current white-blue-red tricolor was a “gift” from the Dutch, the deputies recalled.

In 1917, the authors of the law write, the troops leaving for the front of the First World War swore allegiance to the government under red banners donated by the proletariat. And during the Great Patriotic War, the white-blue-red flag became a symbol of Russian collaborators.

The Communists believe that the changes adopted during the popular vote on amendments to the Constitution in 2020, in particular, part 1 of Article 67.1 on the succession of Russia to the Soviet Union, give it the legal right to use the state flag of the USSR.

Intention to recreate the USSR Vladimir Putin reproached in the West. According to US Secretary of State Victoria Nulandthis explains Moscow’s position on Ukraine. The Kremlin denied such plans. “Reconstruction of the Soviet Union is impossible,” replied Dmitry Peskov.

Meanwhile, according to VTsIOM data from 2021, 67% of Russians regret the collapse of the Soviet Union. Moreover, this figure has remained almost unchanged since 2005. If a referendum were held now, then 73% of Russians would vote for the preservation of the USSR, including the majority of young people.

It is felt that during the course of the special operation the authorities are beginning to admit their own miscalculations in ideological work, including work with symbols. There is no other way to explain the urgent introduction in schools of the performance of the Russian anthem, written to the music of the anthem of the USSR, and the raising of the flag. It seems that in one form or another, the authorities will have to clarify these issues …

According to the coordinator of the “Left Front” Sergei Udaltsovthe widespread and centralized use of red banners during the special operation to protect Donbass will be positively received not only by Russians, but also by many Ukrainians who were born in the Soviet Union.

You can make a red banner with a hammer and sickle the official flag of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, the politician believes. You can also actively use red flags during the Immortal Regiment campaign.

Vyacheslav Tetekin, Chief Political Advisor to the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation I am sure that the government is forced to pursue a new policy in the interests of the majority.

“The greatest achievements of our country happened under the red flag. Since the red flag has become a symbol since 1917, our country has consistently, steadily begun to turn into a world power. The biggest victories both on the battlefield in the Great Patriotic War and in economic construction and cultural development were made under the red flag. This fact cannot be denied. Even today, 30 years after the destruction of the USSR, we have not come close to the level of 1991. The Soviet country was the pinnacle of Russian civilization.

A return to Soviet symbols, which can stimulate the creative potential of our people, is absolutely necessary, as is a return to the ideals of that time. It is quite clear that the current symbolism, an attempt to impose a return to the tsarist symbolism, turned out to be an absolute failure, just as the attempt to return tsarist Russia turned out to be a failure. The revolution of 1917 was not a conspiracy of the Bolsheviks, but was a reflection of the inability of the political regime to lead the country out of the imperialist slaughter and raise the living standards of the people.

“SP”: – The current government for the last 20-30 years has expressed the interests of a privileged minority …

– Of course, for them a red flag, Soviet achievements are like a sharp knife. Therefore, another statement of the people’s patriotic forces appeared: this year, do not cover either Lenin’s mausoleum or the graves of those great people who made our country a powerful power with plywood. So this fight continues.

And although the ruling elite is still resisting with all their might, because they still represent the interests of the oligarchy, the circumstances of modern life require them to recognize that our former “friends” in the West are in fact our worst enemies. It turns out that the economic system built in Russia, which subordinated our economy to the so-called world economy, but in fact to the Western oligarchy, is destructive for the country.

Now there are tectonic changes. First of all, in the economic plane, where the West applies economic sanctions, and we are forced to fight them. But also in the political sphere, which is expressed in the need to conduct a special operation in Ukraine, more and more like a heated confrontation with the NATO bloc. These two factors will inevitably break the existing socio-economic system.

And in this situation, the role of the oligarchy will inevitably fall. Because they proved that for them the light in the window is not a victory for Russia in the current terrible confrontation, but the restoration of access to their capital, yachts, palaces, accounts etc. This means that gradually changes will begin to occur in the political sphere.

Lawyer and human rights activist Dmitry Agranovsky does not exclude that the decision to return the red banner in the Kremlin has already been made.

– Politically, this step is extremely timely. Because the red banner is extremely in demand and has actually become the unofficial banner of the Russian special operation in Ukraine. There is nothing surprising. The striped flag of the Ukrainians is their flag, the striped flag of the Russians is ours, and the red flag unites everyone. This is a clear, understandable symbol, behind which stand the most serious historical achievements.

“SP”: – Will the current government decide to change the symbol of the state, and even more so the ideals …

– As experience shows, the leadership of the Communist Party does not offer anything just like that. Let me remind you that the current tectonic events began with the fact that the communists proposed to accept the DPR and LPR into Russia. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this initiative is already agreed at the very top. Moreover, the bill was signed by the entire party leadership.

The return of the red flag would also be justified from a historical point of view. It is clear what it symbolizes. The red flag gives clear guidance to both our supporters and allies and adversaries. This is not the banner of any local state, but a symbol of the global state, which claims to be the first in the world. The struggle against neo-colonialism has begun in the world, and the red flag adequately expresses the role of Russia in this process.

“SP”: – If politicians approve the return of the red flag, amendments to the constitution will be required …

— Legal issues follow political ones. Laws are just words written on paper. The value of the red banner is higher than any constitution of any country. This is a symbol of the main achievement in the history of mankind – the defeat of Nazism. It rose above the Reichstag. Therefore, it would be logical for him to be raised above the Kremlin.

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