Sep 15, 2020
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Russia may introduce hourly minimum wage – Izvestia

The Russian government proposes to introduce the concept of a "minimum hourly rate", writes Izvestia.

This issue is included in the list of proposals to the draft text of the general agreement between associations of trade unions, employers and the federal government for 2021-2023.

The proposals for the document are still being discussed. The draft agreement will be formed by the end of October this year.

It is assumed that the hourly minimum wage can be applied to Russians working under short-term employment contracts. These are, first of all, employees with hourly wages.

Currently, the minimum wage at the federal level is 12.1 thousand rubles. A person who has worked full time must receive a salary of at least the specified amount.

Minimum rates of wages per hour apply in many European countries. In Germany last year, this rate was 8.5 euros, and in Latvia - almost 10 euros.

Meanwhile, experts have many questions about calculating the minimum cost of an hour. Based on the minimum wage, the hourly rate will differ depending on the month and region.

Two years ago, the State Duma rejected a draft law by LDPR deputies, which proposed setting a minimum hourly wage of 100 rubles.

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