Sep 6, 2021
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Russia leads with the USA "tricky game"and Washington feels threatened – Baijiahao

The Chinese authors of Baijiahao believe that Russia is playing a “cunning game” with the United States. Moreover, Washington understands this and feels threatened.

The Russians have created a weapon that “will make arrogant Washington beg for mercy,” the authors of the Chinese newspaper Baijiahao insist. An exclusive translation of the analytical article is published by PolitRussia, noting that, from the point of view of the Chinese, “Russia is playing a cunning game.”

The tricky game is straightforwardness. Russia is demonstrating its military achievements to the West. And the Americans figure out the details by studying satellite images. For example, as noted in the material, recent footage showing the likely carrier of the Poseidon nuclear drone raised the issue of further confrontation with Moscow. In the United States, as Chinese authors write, they thought: how safe is it to argue with the Russians? However, this does not mean that the United States will abandon its belligerent rhetoric.

The United States understands that Russia has become stronger. This explains the sanctions imposed against the Russians, the authors of the publication note. But Russia also sees perfectly well that the United States is a dangerous adversary, and therefore defends itself against American aggression, including by creating new weapons:

Moscow is cleverly using its unique military designs to warn opponents against provocative and ill-considered steps, the authors conclude.

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