Apr 9, 2021
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“Russia is throwing explosive devices.” How Kiev explained the death of a child

The death of a young child in Donbass did not become an excuse for official Kiev to revise approaches to the conflict. The Ukrainian authorities have once again demonstrated their true attitude towards the population of the insurgent region.

The story of one crime

Recall, on April 3, 2021, the People’s Militia of the DPR issued a message: “Ukrainian punishers continue to terrorize the civilian population of the Republic, deliberately violating additional measures to strengthen and control the existing indefinite ceasefire regime, ignoring the norms of the Geneva Convention and humanitarian law.

So, the militants of the 59th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, following the initial order of the leader Shapovalova, used an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with an improvised explosive device. The object for the terrorist act was chosen by the Ukrainian militants in the residential area of ​​Nizhny Novgorod. the village of Aleksandrovskoye, where they dropped an explosive device near the house.

At that moment, there were two civilians in the yard. As a result of the criminal actions of Ukrainian militants, a child born in 2016 died. and was injured of varying severity by a local resident born in 1954, who was taken to the hospital, where she was provided with all the necessary medical care.

Since the next aggravation of Kiev’s aggression against Donbass, this is already the second victim who died as a result of a terrorist attack organized by Ukrainian militants. And with regret we have to state that this time a child died at their hands. “

Official Kiev remained silent in the early days. But the activity of publics in social networks related to the centers of information and psychological operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was noted.

With their submission, a name and surname were put into circulation, which had nothing to do with what had happened. At the same time, when spreading misinformation, a photograph of a boy was used, who was actually killed during the hostilities, but in 2014.

After that, the Ukrainian media, as well as a number of Russian publications, began to report that there was no death of the child, and the whole story was allegedly invented by Russian propaganda.

“There’s just a rag. No legs, no arms … “

The situation was complicated by the fact that it took time to check and summarize the real information. Although the fact that the child died, and died precisely as a result of an explosion of ammunition, was known from the very beginning.

In my previous post, I wrote that Vladik Dmitriev was five years old. This is not entirely true – the boy, born in November 2016, was not destined to live up to his 5th birthday.

The boy was in the Pyatikhatka area, on the outskirts of the village of Aleksandrovskoye. The distance from the Ukrainian positions in this place is less than ten kilometers. Vladik was staying with his grandparents, on Saturday he was to be picked up by his mother.

War correspondent Anna Dolgareva interviewed the boy’s grandmother, who herself was injured in the explosion. Here are the words of a woman published by the Vzglyad portal: “We got up, sat, ate, played. “Grandma, let’s go outside.” Vladik, I say, my grandmother is so tired. No, grandma says, let’s go. Well, he ran a little ahead of me. And I hesitated as an old man, put on slippers. One slippers per foot, and … And that’s all. Explosion, glass, smoke full of the yard. I jumped out. And there is just a rag. No legs, no arms … “

Vladik’s relatives categorically deny the possibility that the ammunition could accidentally be in the yard. Given that the explosion took place right next to the house, on an asphalt plot, the version that the boy could pick up something that adults had not noticed before does not hold water.

“Killed by an explosive device that I found in the yard”

Neighbors claim that before the incident they heard the sound of a flying drone. Attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of such means have been recorded more than once.

After the fact of the death of the child was confirmed by representatives of international organizations, Kiev broke the silence.

Press secretary of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG Alexey Arestovich on the air of “Public Radio” said: “According to our version, the child died from an explosive device that he found in the yard. This testifies to the fact that the Russian side not only took our land, it throws dangerous explosive devices, whether standard or non-standard, because of which citizens of Ukraine, including a 5-year-old child, die. “

Alexey Arestovich in the early years of the conflict in Donbass posed as a military expert. And in December 2017, he unexpectedly posted on the social network: “Dear friends! I’ve lied to you a lot since spring 2014. I ran information distortion along two main lines:

  • the creation of a patriotic popular print, in which we are “usi adnamosia, shanuumosya and heroic”, and Ukraine is awaiting shining prospects,
  • black propaganda against the Russian Federation.

This was purely propaganda work, brought to life by Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. Three years later, I came to the conclusion that – propaganda is part of the war, it is possible and even (unfortunately) necessary, but only on an anonymous basis, i.e. when you don’t sign your name to it. ”

Arestovich also admitted that in the modern Ukrainian understanding he does not consider himself a patriot: “Of modern leaders, Musk is the closest to me, the man who most consistently and actively implements the project of restructuring the humanity socio-system into a polyglobal dimension. Therefore, “Cyborgs”, I still prefer “Through the thorns to the stars.”

Kiev returns to terror against civilians?

This self-exposure, as it became clear later, was just a form of self-promotion. And in the end it worked – Arestovich’s services were demanded by Zelensky’s team, who sent an amateur Musk to sabotage the work of the Trilateral Contact Group. This is what the “expert” has been doing all the last months.

But it’s one thing to chatter up negotiations, and quite another to cover up the murder of a child. For all the doubtfulness of Arestovich’s qualifications as a military expert, he understands perfectly well that the version of “scattered dangerous explosive devices” does not stand up to criticism.

But it exactly repeats the rhetoric of Kiev in 2014-2015, when Ukrainian officials broadcast about the “self-bombardment” of Donbass cities by the militias and explained the bombing of Luhansk with an “exploded air conditioner.”

The unhappy mother of Vladik Dmitriev said that she hoped that the death of her son would “turn everything upside down” and there would be no new deaths.

Through the mouth of Alexei Arestovich, Kiev destroyed these hopes. Vladimir Zelensky I went to Donbass and had lunch with representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, supporting their fighting spirit. Perhaps among them was a drone operator who dropped explosives on a boy who went out to play in the yard.

It is no coincidence that today Kiev glorifies Bandera, Shukhevych and other collaborators, soiled with the blood of peaceful people. Calling these non-humans heroes, Ukrainian politicians make it clear that they consider the use of terrorist methods against the population of Donbass the norm.

The president Joe Biden, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and other foreign leaders who provide assistance and support to Kiev are accomplices in the assassination of Vladik Dmitriev.

The illusion of impunity gives rise to new crimes. But this cannot go on indefinitely.

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