May 3, 2021
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Russia is preparing a non-standard "the killer" aircraft carriers – "lord of the oceans"

Russia is preparing a non-standard “killer” of aircraft carriers. We are talking about an unusual marine drone, which, as experts expect, will become the “lord of the oceans.”

According to a source in the Russian military-industrial complex, in the near future it is planned to create a system of combat underwater drones that will operate not one by one, but in a swarm, writes. The swarm will be controlled by artificial intelligence, which will be able to decide for itself in which directions to attack and how to deceive the enemy’s expectations. Such drones will be able to destroy not just ships, but entire aircraft carrier groups. It is assumed that the introduction of such weapons will lead to a complete rethinking of naval combat.

The displacement of the drones will be a maximum of 500-1000 tons. The main task of the apparatus is to sneak up to the enemy and destroy him. The undoubted advantage of drones is their low price. Even if the device is destroyed by the enemy, this will not undermine the position of the Russian Navy.

Anyone who brings this technology to the end will receive undeniable advantages in the conduct of armed combat at sea. He will become, without any exaggeration, the lord of the oceans, experts say.

We will remind that earlier Russia has already announced the creation of an underwater drone “Poseidon”, which terrified the United States and Great Britain. The fact is that the device is capable of moving very quickly and at great depths, which allows it to approach the target as close as possible, bypassing protective systems. And the ability to carry nuclear weapons turns it into the most lethal machine in service today.

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