Sep 20, 2021
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Russia is in for a red revenge

Russia is in for a red revenge

Photo: Yuri Smityuk / TASS

According to the CEC, after processing 59.36% of the protocols, United Russia is gaining 47.11% of the vote, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – 20.93%, the Liberal Democratic Party – 7.91%, A Just Russia – For the Truth – 7.54% , “New people” – 5.78%. If these figures do not fundamentally change when counting the entire totality of votes, the State Duma of the VIII convocation will have five factions.

The high result of the left opposition is noteworthy. The number of votes cast for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is 1.5 times more than in the 2016 elections (13.5%). The Socialists from the SPZP also improved the previous figure. Thus, Russian society has demonstrated a demand for a more equitable socio-economic policy, if not for a red revenge.

“The voter heard us, the voter believed us, the voter voted for us,” he commented on the party’s result Gennady Zyuganov… “For the first time in recent decades, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation claims to win in many single-mandate constituencies,” said the first deputy chairman of the party’s Central Committee Yuri Afonin… At 7.00 Moscow time, the candidates from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation were in the lead in 15 single-mandate constituencies.

Among the parties that did not pass the five percent threshold, none of them won even 3% of the vote, which means they will not be able to qualify for state funding. The results of near-liberal parties cannot be called anything other than a voter’s verdict: Yabloko – 1.03%, Party of Growth – 0.36%, Civic Platform – 0.14%, RPSS – 0.72%.

The elections of the heads of the nine regions did not bring any particular surprises. In Khabarovsk Mikhail Degtyarev from the Liberal Democratic Party defeated Marina Kim from the SPZP, a communist won in the Ulyanovsk region Alexey Russkikh, in the remaining seven regions, United Russia took the lead, with the exception of Alexey Dyumin in the Tula region, who was a self-nominated candidate.

The turnout during the triune voting day was just over 40%, which is less than in 2016 (47.88%). Chechnya is among the leaders in terms of turnout (over 93%), St. Petersburg is among the outsiders (33.6%). In seven regions of the Russian Federation, it was possible to vote online. The turnout for such a vote was extremely high: from 90% in Sevastopol to 96.5% in Moscow.

Observers drew attention to the fact that on the night of the elections, key figures, including those from the pre-election “five”, were absent at the headquarters of United Russia. Have Dmitry Medvedev severe cough, explained the secretary of the General Council Andrey Turchak, wishing him well. Absence Sergei Shoigu and Sergey Lavrov explained by being busy. Was the ruling party without leaders?

At a press conference of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on the second day of voting, they talked about double voting, the lack of information at polling stations, precincts without video surveillance, with unstitched voter lists, safe bags that were not sealed at night, taken out into the room without video surveillance, removal of excess ballots for voting outside the plots and other violations.

The Communists also announced their intention to seek, during the new convocation of the State Duma, the return of the electoral process to an “adequate framework” with one voting day, so that it would not be possible to involve state employees on weekdays, and without electronic expression of will. In turn, Ella Pamfilova proposed to postpone the single voting day to school holidays in October.

Lawyer and human rights activist, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Dmitry Agranovsky sees in the strengthening of the communists a chance for the country to turn to the left in the interests of the majority.

– According to my subjective feelings, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation should have received a majority in parliament. But politics is the art of the possible, and the result that the party will receive in practice already shows a significant strengthening of the position of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. This is very good for the country. The more the Communist Party gets, the more chances it will have for salvation, for making a left turn.

It is important that the strengthening of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is taking place against the background of conversations that the party is allegedly losing popularity, that there are some internal scandals in it, that the party may be thrown out of the State Duma altogether. etc. Knowing the situation from the inside, I note that this is completely untrue. I hope that the authorities have enough wisdom to understand that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a state party, and not a party of some liberals.

This result should consolidate Russian society. Move Russia forward, not backward or sideways. Now the ball is on the side of the state. If, after the elections, the frenzied campaign continues (which I do not remember since 1996), which was before the elections, it will be very bad for the state. My prediction: the communists will only get stronger. Left turn is a global trend. He overtook us.

Therefore, the authorities need to learn to look for compromises. They have long forgotten how to take someone into account. And now you have to do it. The authorities themselves have driven themselves into a trap, when everything except the “70 to 70” formula (turnout plus result – Auth.) Is considered a defeat. From this point of view, their defeat is crushing, despite the fact that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not even receive a majority.

“SP”: – Is there anyone at the top to look for compromises?

– There are quite reasonable and even wise people there. They must understand that there is no need to intensify the split now. We need to embrace leftist ideas. Moreover, the authorities have not only the pension reform, but also the Crimea, there is the support of the Donbass. And we really appreciate it. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation supported the position of Russia in Syria. We now have a consensus on the Afghan events.

By the way, even those who voted for the Liberal Democratic Party and even more so those who voted for the SPZP and even for the “New People”, they thus voted for all sorts of leftists. In sum, leftist tendencies can almost make up the majority in the State Duma. Together with the left, we should find common ground and together lead the country out of the crisis. The strength of leftist ideas can be judged by China, which is now the first power in the world.

Russians have drank capitalism and want to return to a human-centered economy. It’s time to return to the popular reforms among people.

– The first thing that needs to be fixed is that the demand of Russian citizens for modern socialism won the elections, – continues Coordinator of the Left Front Sergei Udaltsov… – Even United Russia conducted its election campaign under left-wing slogans. Plus social benefits to citizens. This is a forced step. Without him, it would be hard for United Russia.

The votes for the Communist Party are clear evidence that even falsifications, multi-day and electronic voting could not kill the result of the communists. Plus, the cleansing of the political space, non-systemic oppositionists led to the fact that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as the most oppositional force, gathered many protest votes. This could be predicted in advance.

As for the SDRP, it failed. The union of the “snake with a hedgehog” in the end did not give anything, they performed poorly. If we also take into account all sorts of spoiler parties that parasitize on the left agenda, such as “Communists of Russia”, the RPSS, then a two-party model emerges: a right-centrist party and a left: the Communist Party of the Russian Federation plus allies. The authorities will have to take this into account, otherwise there will be protests.

“SP”: – While the bias is clearly towards the “United Russia” …

– In fair competition, United Russia, of course, would be doomed. For example, in the 201st single-mandate constituency of Moscow, where Anastasia Udaltsova was nominated, according to the results at the polling stations where people came with their own feet, we won, albeit by a slight margin, the United Russia candidate. They are helped by technologies of multi-day, electronic voting, an administrative resource.

This annoys society, kills faith in elections and, in the long run, can lead to negative consequences in the country. I do not exclude that the theft of votes from the opposition will lead to protests, including in Moscow. The Communist Party is already talking about this. This will be correct and fair. The results of electronic voting completely contradict the results at the polling stations.

“SP”: – Did the opposition do everything to win?

– Unfortunately, it was not possible to achieve a large turnout. The authorities, of course, dried up the turnout, and the traditional protest voter did not reach the polling stations. If we added 10-15 percent of the turnout, the results would be completely different. This is a lesson for the future. It is categorically impossible to recognize the elections, at least in their electronic part. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation should firmly state this.

We know that by 2024, the CEC sets the goal of increasing the share of territories with electronic voting to 80 percent. It will be a disaster, an election killing. Therefore, now the opposition must with all its might fend off this offensive. Here we need both the actions of the deputies of the elected State Duma and protests. If this business is left to chance, the elections will turn into a profanation.

The innovation of these elections was the voting of new citizens of Russia living in the people’s republics of Donbass. About this “SP” told ex-head of the medical service of the DPR army battalion Lilia Radionova.

– We do not have agitation on our territory, but we know all the parties, there is Russian television here. There were a lot of people willing to vote. But not all of those who have Russian passports were able to do this. It was possible to vote individually, but for this it was necessary to submit an application in advance. This is difficult, because the Internet is not available everywhere. Not everyone managed to register. Older people are sometimes at odds with the computer. In Russia they come home to such people, but we do not yet.

About 800 buses went to Russia to vote in the Rostov region. Mostly organized groups went. For example, from students. Simplified border crossing for this. Freight transport was temporarily stopped to allow people to vote. For those who could not leave the republic, many information centers have been created. There, those who wish could be consulted on how to do it technically. For the first time, everything went fine.

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