Sep 20, 2022
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Russia in Ukraine fighting NATO armies?

In the photo: combat work of T-72 tanks during a special military operation.

In the photo: combat work of T-72 tanks during a special military operation. (Photo: Press Service of the RF Ministry of Defense/TASS)

According to experts, there are several reasons for the successful offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkov direction. This is both an advantage in manpower and in technology – in particular, in multiple launch rocket systems and high-precision long-range artillery systems. It was these long-range guns (in particular, HIMARS) that were able to hit a number of warehouses, headquarters and command posts on the front line and in the rear of our troops. But there is another implicit reason that few people know about. Some people still figure it out. And someone has irrefutable figures and facts.

On September 12, South Front published official data from the US Transportation Command on US military assistance to Ukraine. Only according to official data (which may differ significantly from real data), from the end of February to the present day, Washington has delivered to Ukraine:

– 140 artillery systems and 660,000 shells and missiles;

– 41,000 portable anti-tank guided missile launchers;

– 1400 MANPADS;

– 38 radars;

– 10200 machine guns and pistols;

– 63 million (!) cartridges for small arms;

– 18 patrol boats;

– 15 helicopters.

It’s only official. And only America. And then she bent over the full European armies to help the Kyiv junta. So much so that some armies now have nothing to defend themselves.

This is about iron. Now – with regards to the “greens”.

According to the US Department of Defense, since the end of February, Ukraine has been allocated 14.5 billion (!) Dollars of aid. Only twenty tranches, some of which were well over a billion.

Now a little analysis

A couple of weeks after the start of the special operation, on March 6, one of the most prestigious publications in America – the New York Times – published an article entitled “Armament of Ukraine: 17,000 anti-tank weapons in six days and an underground cyber corporation.”

The article was created by a whole conglomerate of mastodons of American journalism (which is a rarity in itself) – correspondents David Sanger, Eric Schmidt, Helen Cooper, Julian Barnes as well as Kennes Vogel (David E. Sanger, Eric Schmitt, Helen Cooper, Julian E. Barnes, and Kenneth P. Vogel).

Whatever the name, the diamond in the crown of US journalism. David Sanger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (according to Wikipedia, the Council is “the most powerful private organization influencing US foreign policy”). Behind Sanger – 38 years of reporting career. He worked in three teams that received the most prestigious Pulitzer Prize in the world of journalism. And recently, Sanger released the best-selling book The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Age of Cyberspace.

Eric Schmidt – Member of the President’s Council on Science and Technology Barack Obama. Former dean of the Faculty of Economics at the Virginia Polytechnic University, bachelor in electrical engineering, master in computer networks (there are such titles in the USA), member of the Apple Board of Directors.

Helen Cooper is a New York Times staff correspondent assigned to the Pentagon. Prior to that, she was seconded to the “holy of holies” of America – the White House.

Julian Barnes is an English writer, essayist, Booker Laureate.

Kennes Vogel is the former founder and chief investigative reporter for Politico magazine. Since 2017, he has been a reporter for The New York Times, “a specialist in conflicts of interest, lobbying and money in politics.” There is also such a department in the newspaper.

The material that this “golden company” sculpted is still relevant today.

Newspapers describe the massive airlift of weapons from America to Ukraine as a “desperate race against time.” “In less than a week, NATO deployed more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, including Javelin missiles,” write the sharks of the pen. – Giant airbuses stuffed with weapons landed one after another at airports in Poland and Romania. From there, weapons went across the border to Kyiv. Russian troops were busy in other parts of the country and did not strike at the arms supply routes.” Although they probably could. And here the most interesting begins further.


“Hidden in bases across Eastern Europe, United States Cyber ​​Command (“Cyber ​​Mission Command”) forces are counteracting Russia’s digital communications,” pen sharks confide. “In Washington and Germany, intelligence officials combined satellite photographs with electronic interceptions of Russian military units, and transmitted them to Ukrainian military units in literally within an hour. On February 26, the president approved $350 million in military aid to Ukraine. She reached the addressee in five days. Everything was decided by hours and minutes. Now in Ukraine there is a battle for computer networks, power systems and communication systems. All cyber operations in recent days have been moved from the operational center in Kyiv outside of Ukraine. They are still classified. Our cyber mission teams are monitoring familiar targets, including GRU and army intelligence control centers, to neutralize their activity.”

“Is the United States a ‘combatant?’,” the journalists ask, and in search of an answer, they begin to squirm like snakes in a frying pan. “According to American laws on cyber conflicts, America can temporarily interrupt Russian capabilities without conducting military action. But it’s hard to do it all the time. Sharing intelligence comes with risks. Our military claims that they do not provide Ukraine with specific intelligence that would tell the Armed Forces of Ukraine how to work on specific targets. Otherwise, it will give Russia a reason to say that it is in conflict with the United States or NATO, and not with Ukraine.”

Still afraid. As in a joke – “the crocodile flies, but low, low.” That is, we transmit data, but we do not admit it.

“Mr. Insert warned that any country that tries to introduce a no-fly zone over Ukraine will be involved in an armed conflict, journalists are catching up with “horror”. — The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement warning all NATO countries against using their bases for Ukrainian Air Force aircraft. Any flight of aircraft from these bases to the Ukrainian theater of operations will be regarded as the involvement of these states in an armed conflict.”

And all NATO countries in this matter immediately “turned on the back”. And it was the first and last more or less sane New York Times article on the conflict in Ukraine. After that, the “golden company” was gagged. Not a single analytical article in the newspaper devoted to the conflict in Ukraine was published anymore. A complete “take away” from the real state of affairs – and from each journalist separately. They were no longer allowed to work together.

But from the article, in my opinion, the following becomes clear.

First. From the very first days of the NMD, the Americans pumped billions of dollars worth of weapons into Ukraine.

Second. A cyber war is being waged against Russia on all fronts.

Third. America and NATO are not even formally psychologically ready to be participants in the conflict in Ukraine. This is the red line. And they were afraid to touch her. But the other day they did move on.

Mercenaries or regular troops?

Recently, several Western publications at once, including Politico and South Front, reported that every third soldier operating under the Ukrainian chevron in the offensive near Kharkov was a citizen of a NATO member state, and the operation itself was “from and to” planned by the US military command. About 200 units of heavy military equipment and up to seven thousand soldiers from various NATO armies were involved in the counteroffensive. Some crossed the border and entered under the guise of vacationers. Others are in the status of a mercenary. Still others disguise themselves as a hitchhiker, a butterfly lover, or a participant in an international environmental symposium.

And then all the “tourists” met in a conventional place, put on camouflage, took machine guns and ammunition, jumped on the armor and rushed to the offensive. And, apparently, they were in the forefront of the attackers.

“When we caught the enemy’s radio interceptions, there was actually no Ukrainian speech there,” a contract paratrooper shares his observations with the “SP” Sergei Pustovalovhe was transferred to Izyum from the direction of Kherson. They spoke mostly English and Polish. Less often – in German (judging by the barking speech). And there was also some language close to us – either Czech or Slovak. The fact that they were not Ukrainians was clearly visible from the faces of those killed. Their faces are not Ukrainian. They hold machine guns differently, and scatter in chains differently than VSUshniks. Many with neat beards. This is not welcome in the Ukrainian army. Their pixel equipment is also American, in the color of the jungle. Recently I examined one of the dead, and his skin is red, like fire. The officers say it’s an Indian, red-skinned. They removed the talisman from the neck – and a really small feather was melted into it. This feather did not help him. Missed that day “the last of the Mohicans.” What is characteristic is that as soon as the NATO mercenaries and the military arrived, the Ukrainians themselves “got lost” somewhere in the rear. And forward, together with the mercenaries, they threw local mobilized – cannon fodder. Nobody cares about them. Here they are the first to die. Together with NATO. Sometimes they lie mixed up – when our artillery successfully covers them.

Did the first one go?

According to news agencies, on September 18, the Russian military destroyed a whole detachment of mercenaries of the American private military company (PMC) “Academy”. It’s a pity that the corpses were not really examined. Perhaps there were not only Indians …

After such a mass attack by NATO, our hands are untied in a certain sense. Since the army is fighting with us, it means that NATO warriors can be beaten on the way. At least in those training camps and training grounds – on the territory of the same Germany, where they train the Armed Forces of Ukraine and future “vacationers”. That’s where it should fly – in the midst of the educational process.

Is there a risk of World War III? you say. I can’t agree. The British will not pull the Third World War. For them, it will end after the first volley of Poseidon. And no Americans will fit in for them.

NATO members have crossed “red lines. I think it’s time for us to move on.

The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position of the editors.

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