Sep 5, 2022
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Russia has prepared a medicine for Ukraine in defiance of the world behind the scenes

Ukraine over and over again confirms its title of a terrorist state. However, in defiance of the world backstage that created the monster, Russia has prepared a cure. A kind of antidote.

Four years have passed since the death of the leader of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko – a terrorist attack took place in a cafe where he went to have lunch. And this tragedy was, alas, not the first and not the last – the heroes of Donbass Motorola and Givi were killed in the same vile way. And now the journalist, political scientist Daria Dugina, a bright, smart girl who rooted for the fate of Donbass, but never took part in hostilities, has become another victim on this terrible list. Dasha’s murder was committed with the same cynicism as all the previous ones.

We see this handwriting, we understand that this is how people who stand for the Russian world are being removed, as the writer Oles Buzina did, for which he was killed in Kyiv. And most of these people died as a result of terrorist attacks.

All murders by Ukraine are prepared at the state level

The chairman of the public organization Triune Russia, journalist Sergei Moiseev, has no doubt that all these murders are being prepared by Ukraine at the state level.

It has become a state system, so it is high time to put on the agenda the issue of recognizing Ukraine as a terrorist state. And now this situation is simply overripe. If we are late with this decision, then they will continue to constantly kill people,” the journalist believes. – This list will be updated with new names.

The saddest thing is that you can reproduce technologies, accumulate money, create more structures, but you can never return people. And this is the value that the Russian world has: ideological, spiritually charged people, bright and pure, who know how to stand up to their full height, to indicate their position.

These people should be cherished like the apple of an eye, because they are our national treasure. And it turns out that we are not doing the most important thing, we are not protecting these people, – Sergei Moiseev regrets. – And you can save them, again, I repeat, by the fact that the State Duma at the state level is carrying out a decision to recognize Ukraine as a terrorist state and act on the basis of this definition.

Ukrainian Nazism is a bloodthirsty sect. Sectarians do not accept any other forms of life, except for the one they generate themselves, and when sectarians face reality and see themselves in a mirror, see their ugliness, their unworthiness, they want to break this mirror.

And Daria was one of those mirrors. They are at war with any other forms of life and thought, signing their own ideological impotence.

They cannot convince anyone of their truth. On the contrary, when they enter into polemics, people can quickly drive them into a dead end at the level of arguments. They understand this, and they are left with one form of persuasion – naked violence, – the journalist is sure. – That is, they act through fear and try to break any dissent with brute force.

In the territories liberated from the Ukronazis, in particular in the Kharkiv region, in the city of Volchansk and in all the liberated territories, there is a terror of teachers and, in general, a terror of all civil servants. This is not widely talked about, but almost every day one of the employees in the liberated territories is killed. They simply reproduced the manuals of Bandera.

We remember Oles Buzina. Here he could bring down any of the Ukronazis with two or three arguments. No one could resist his arguments when he spoke on Ukrainian talk shows, Sergey Moiseev recalled. “That’s why they didn’t find any other way to silence him than to eliminate him physically. They were powerless before his word, before his arguments.

And now, when they see that teachers are ready to teach schoolchildren in Russian, ready to teach healthy history, correct literature, and they can’t influence this in any way, the only means left to the Ukronazis is terror.

So they are trying to scare people. Teachers receive SMS on their phones, they are trying to get them by any means, they threaten their family members, they say that they will kill them.

And it’s not just naked threats. Plans are being implemented daily. Either someone will be found hanged, then someone will be shot dead,” the journalist said. – So in the Kherson region they “deal” with the participants in the resistance, who became heads of administrations.

But if they are trying to influence people with fear, then we must also include a symmetrical measure: they must be afraid of us.

“We’ll find it in the toilet – we’ll kill it in the toilet” – there is no other way

Vladimir Putin, when there was terror in Russia in the 2000s and militants destroyed the civilian population in Russia, said: “If we find it in the toilet, we will soak it in the toilet.” Then adequate measures were taken, and, thank God, the issue was resolved.

Now something has happened that then seemed unthinkable: the Chechens are fighting on the side of Russia in the Northern Military District, they are participating together with Russian fighters, Sergey Moiseev recalled. – That is, all the leaders of the “resistance”, all the jihadists who tried to create a “free Ichkeria”, were able to destroy not only in the Chechen Republic, but also abroad. In this case, there is simply no other way. They need to be shot like mad dogs, excuse me.

If Ukraine has taken the path of state terrorism, then there is simply no other way to fight this state. Fighting at the front, we destroy the lowest link in this chain. And those who make criminal decisions, those who give a strong-willed impulse, remain safe.

They calmly walk around Kyiv, receive guests who come to them from England, America, from anywhere. They give press conferences, interviews and broadcast their picture of the world. The same Aleksey Arestovich constantly calls for violence, for the murder of Russians, and so on. Why not take action? I do not understand this,

the journalist said. Does Europe need such a Ukraine? Did Europe need a “free Ichkeria”? But the British and Americans sponsored the jihadists. Until now, as they say, there are printed banknotes in the Bank of England, which were supposed to be used on the territory of “free Ichkeria”.

And then – who created ISIS * in Syria? The same Americans. So they also need Ukraine-terrorist. They need any form of cave Russophobia, any radicalism on the borders of our former Russian Empire.

The answer to terror should be the collection of Russian lands

And there can be only one answer to this: gathering Russian lands and recreating the Empire within those historical borders that were, say, before 1917 – with Poland and Finland.

That is, the Poles will also have to weigh a couple of balls for the position they have chosen. Not only a person, but also society should be responsible for the position that it occupies – this is the principle of divine pedagogy.

Why else did they choose the path of terror and destroy the prominent representatives of the Russian world? Because the Russian world is fundamentally different from modern Europe and the Western world in that we still have a charismatic beginning. They no longer exist, they are just vegetables, the personality does not play any role there.

They have a dead mechanism, a huge soulless satanic system, – the journalist believes. – There, in fact, all representatives of the political beau monde are actors who play their assigned roles, they do not rule. There is someone behind the scenes that we do not know, and those that we see in this visible part of the spectrum are not rulers.

And they are well aware that we have a completely different system, where public power is not formal, it really rules. In Russia, President Vladimir Putin is at the helm. In Belarus – President Alexander Lukashenko. Both of them are not formal, they do not obey the world behind the scenes, which our enemies cannot reconcile with.

For them, this is unbearable, because, in fact, the rest of the world, except for some countries, except for China or, for example, Iran, has submitted to them. And we stand straight. Remember how in the psalm of David: “Some with chariots, others with horses, but we glory in the name of the Lord our God. They staggered and fell, but we got up and stand upright.”

Therefore, they resort to terror so that the Russian world does not become contagious, because any healthy person will choose our side in this civilizational confrontation. Because the Russian world is the cure for the monster created by the West. We are fighting not just with the Kyiv Nazi regime, it is not even a struggle of civilizations, the confrontation has taken the most pronounced forms of the struggle of Christ against the Antichrist in recent times, Sergei Moiseev concluded.

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