Apr 27, 2022
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Russia gives Europe a chance before the beginning of summer – then the comfortable life of the EU will come to an end because of Ukraine

Russia gives Europe a chance before the beginning of summer - then the comfortable life of the EU will come to an end because of Ukraine

The United States is going to hold consultations with allies on Ukraine on Tuesday, April 26. The summit will be held at the American military air base Ramstein in Germany under the chairmanship of the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The upcoming event was announced recently by a Pentagon official John Kirby.

He said that an invitation to take part in the talks had been sent to 40 countries, and 20 had already expressed their desire to come to the meeting. What kind of countries Kirby did not name, but noted that among them are not only partners in the North Atlantic Alliance.

As part of the meeting, as the speaker of the US Department of Defense pointed out, an assessment of the combat situation will be given and measures will be taken to strengthen the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, including after the end of hostilities.

The German TV channel Welt, in turn, clarifies that, first of all, it will be about the “urgent needs” of the “square” – i.e. about its military needs, about what Kyiv additionally needs from weapons. The Americans will carefully study who and what else is at their disposal, what can be delivered.

In essence, the Pentagon is taking over the coordination of international arms supplies for the Ukrainian regime. And all this will be carried out through the US European Command Center in Stuttgart.

Bastian Hartinga correspondent for the channel in New York, suggested that for the Americans now comes “a decisive phase in this military clash,” because “at stake is the architecture of security in Europe and in the world, not only for the coming years, but perhaps for decades.” Therefore, Washington, as he put it, “puts all his strength on the scales.”

And the goal of the Americans, according to Harting, is “absolutely clear” – they “want to prevent Russia from taking the Donbass.”

“If the Ukrainians manage to push the Russians back, then Vladimir Putin one will have to wonder if he really wants to spend even more money and even more military resources on these expanding hostilities, or maybe he wants to seriously engage in peace negotiations, ”the way, according to a German journalist, they see the situation in Washington.

Hence, Harting sums up, “this is a large-scale exertion of forces and this is a huge amount of weapons” that are being supplied to Ukraine.

The united West really sponsors Ukroreich Zelensky on an unprecedented scale.

Just last week the President of the United States Joe Biden announced the allocation of another package of military assistance to Kyiv for another 800 million dollars. The new deliveries will include heavy weapons, more than seven dozen 155mm howitzers, 121 tactical drones and 144,000 ammunition. Thus, the total amount spent on the militarization of the “square” only by the United States will reach 3.2 billion dollars.

An obedient vassal of Washington, the European Union, trampling on its own interests, also does not stop supplying Ukraine with weapons. Moreover, as recently stated by the President of the European Council Charles Michelready to do it even for free.

Apparently, the Americans and Europeans are doing so well in the economy, the well-being of the people has grown so much that there is simply nowhere to put money …

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked independent political scientist, Germanologist Alexander Kamkin:

– I immediately recall the words attributed to the first Secretary General of NATO, Lord Ismaywho formulated the basic goals of the alliance as follows: “Keep America inside Europe, Germany below, and Russia outside.”

What is happening now is very much like this concept. Indeed, the Americans are trying to establish their role as the dominant, let’s say, “predator” in the European theater of operations. And thus keep the situation under control. Because in recent weeks it has become noticeable that there is no unity among European politicians on issues of support for Ukraine.

There is moral support, informational support, of course, is present, but few European states (except, perhaps, Poland and the Baltic countries) are going to become indirect participants in the conflict.

Plus, indeed, an active phase is beginning to liberate the territory of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. And if it is successfully completed, then the most combat-ready grouping of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be defeated. And Zelensky will have practically no one to conduct further military operations.

Well, this, of course, is another important diplomatic signal to Moscow. Like, the West, you know, has such a consolidation of forces and means.

But, in fact, of course, it is unlikely that the States will supply Kyiv with Abrams tanks, Apache helicopters, and so on. Because there are not so many trained specialists in the Ukrainian army.

“SP”: – The Pentagon says that they have already taken care of this and have begun to train the Ukrainian military in the handling of Western weapons in special training camps outside of Ukraine …

“They have done this before. A couple of months before the start of the special operation, military analysts noted an incredibly large number of cadets from Ukraine in Polish military schools, and at NATO training grounds in Europe, where they underwent special training.

But they have either already laid down in Mariupol and near Donetsk, or this number is still not enough.

Yes, of course, now they will be scraping up leftovers from storage bases in Eastern European countries – somewhere in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland. They will send, respectively, the old Soviet weapons there. Germany and other NATO countries will be forced to transfer their decommissioned weapons to the Eastern European states, and in return receive a brand new American one.

In fact, in this whole multi-way combination, only American military-industrial complex corporations win, which receive additional orders and additional profits. The Germans are simply forced to silently pay for this entire banquet. Eastern European countries indirectly become participants in hostilities, inevitably.

And thus, the forecast is coming true that America will fight against Russia to the last Ukrainian.

All this, of course, is aimed at further escalation of the situation, at prolonging the conflict. And thus, the Americans thwart any opportunity for the EU and Russia to reach an agreement, including on easing the sanctions confrontation directly.

“SP”: – Europe, apparently, is happy with everything, since it prefers to clearly go in the wake of Washington …

– Only in the United States the reverse loop of sanctions hits minimally, but Europe in this sanctions confrontation was involved to the maximum extent. Prices are rising, inflation is rising, entire businesses and industries are shutting down. What will happen in autumn and winter in connection with gas prices is unclear.

And if, for example, the Kremlin decides to punish Europe and simply turns off the gas valve, then neither Qatar, nor Saudi Arabia, nor the same States will be able to increase LNG exports to Europe many times over at once. Accordingly, by winter, a two-fold increase in food prices, an increase in energy prices, for everything can be expected. What will entail the collapse of the European economy, the collapse of the euro, the flight of investors. In general, the worst economic crisis since the Second World War, as the Financial Times wrote the other day.

And the main beneficiary of this is, of course, the United States. And Europe, as we see, here once again showed its vassal dependence on the “Big Brother” from Washington.

“SP”: – Why do we behave so politely with countries that are actually fighting against our country, supplying weapons to Ukraine?

– In my opinion, the position of the Russian government in this situation, indeed, demonstrates the desire not to drive the Europeans into a corner. Leave room for negotiation and opportunities for convergence back.

In fact, Europe is given a chance to look for some compromise options.

But I think that patience in the Kremlin is not unlimited. For me, such a “red line” is somewhere around the beginning of summer. If until this moment there is no decrease in tension in relations between Russia and Europe, then a toughening of Moscow’s position cannot be ruled out. And, including, in terms of companies leaving Russia.

We are not yet talking about the expropriation of Henkel factories and other companies that have decided to suspend their business with Russia. We will not confiscate the warehouse stocks of Toyota and other Japanese concerns that have decided not to supply more spare parts and cars to Russia. We do not freeze accounts and deposits of Western investors. We do not conditionally take away apartments from American expats who worked in Moscow.

Here we see some asymmetry. But, I repeat: the tough option, obviously, our leadership left in reserve.

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