Sep 11, 2021
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Russia for the first time used shock combat robots: the Ministry of Defense reported on the results

For the first time, the Russian military used Platform-M strike robots in the West-2021 exercises. They helped destroy the “militant” forces in the urban setting and cleared a passage through the minefields.

For the first time, Russia used strike combat robots in the West-2021 exercises. We are talking about the robotic complexes “Platform-M”, which were tested near Kaliningrad.

The new type of weaponry was used by motorized riflemen and paratroopers to destroy militants in urban settings. Also, combat robots were used to make passages in minefields, which, according to the legend of the exercises, were installed by a conditional enemy.

In addition to Platform-M, the Russian military used Orlan and Outpost drones in the exercises. They were used to adjust the fire of artillery and tank units.

The latest technology installed on unmanned aerial vehicles made it possible to track several targets simultaneously, even in camouflage conditions,

– commented in the Russian military department.

Recall that the military exercises “West-2021” are held from 10 to 16 September in the Baltic Sea. Together with the Russian military, the troops of Belarus take part in them.

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