Sep 15, 2020
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Russia explained the embarrassment with Trump’s poster and our fighters

Donald Trump. Photo: CNP / AdMedia /

Domestic Rostec is ready to send a present across the ocean

The campaign headquarters of the current US President Donald Trump deserves an award from Moscow for popularizing our planes and machine guns. This is how Rostec reacted to a poster in support of the leader of the Republicans, on which an unknown American author depicted Russian weapons.

The corporation thought about sending a gift catalog of domestic combat aircraft to the States. They noted that most likely it was a mistake, the reason for which was the recognition of the "beauty" of our weapon.

"Probably, the designer was so impressed that he forgot to check the country of origin. Nevertheless, he definitely has a taste, we hope that he will not be punished severely. In turn, we want to present our overseas colleague with a book about Russian fighter aircraft - this is beautiful and a very informative publication ", - quoted by RIA Novosti press service of Rostec.

The corporation expects only the address to which the present will go from Russia.

Earlier, Politico drew attention to the fact that Russian MiG-29 fighters are present on one of Trump's election posters, and one of the Pentagon soldiers is holding the legendary AK-74 assault rifle. Moreover, the advertisement calls on the Americans to "support our troops," that is, the US Armed Forces.

Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow, confirmed that the poster depicts precisely the weapons of the Russian military-industrial complex.

The creator of the composite image, Artur Zakirov, told me that it shows photographs of a 3D model of the MiG-29 taken by him, and that the soldiers were Russian models. “Today you hear about the role of the Kremlin in US politics. “Tomorrow you are this hand,” he joked.

- Daniel Lippman (@dlippman) September 15, 2020

Meanwhile, it turned out to be the work of Artur Zakirov, a 34-year-old oil company analyst and amateur photographer from Perm. As he himself said, he made the poster five years ago. It actually shows a 3D model of a MiG-29 and the soldiers are Russian models. The photo was taken in three different countries, edited and shows the Russian sky, Greek mountains and French land.

“Today you hear about the Kremlin’s role in US politics. Tomorrow you are this hand,” he joked, noting that his photograph was included in Trump’s advertisement is “rather funny” fact.

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