Sep 30, 2021
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Russia embarked on the path of the US “crusade”

Western countries, placing on the “right of the strong”, are increasingly trying to overshadow the generally recognized platforms, including the UN, for solving world problems. Thus, they seek to impose their own rules of the game on the planet, interpreting them exclusively in their own interests. Such a rebuke to the “collective West” was thrown from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly on September 25 by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to him, the United States, promoting the so-called “summit of democracies”, thereby declared an ideological “crusade” against all dissent. In addition to the United States, Germany and France are involved in attempts to downplay the importance of everyone who has a different point of view, the head of the Russian foreign policy department added.

These and other Western powers have divided the entire planet into friends and foes. They impose sanctions and archaic trade embargoes against “aliens” without even bothering to understand their cultural and civilizational specifics. And at the same time they support a coup d’etat in Ukraine, because “their own” have come to power in Kiev, stressed the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On the whole, the West enforces its own rules instead of international law, while Russia stands firmly on the position of the latter’s supremacy. “Our rules are the UN charter,” summed up Sergei Lavrov.

Indeed, the “collective West” in recent years has been trying to erode the legitimacy of the United Nations, knowing full well that Russia has a strong position in it as a permanent member of the Security Council, including the right of veto. Neither Washington, nor London, nor Berlin and Paris are able to get around this indisputable fact – and therefore they come up with new formats and associations, just to replace the UN.

One of such formats is the notorious “summit of democracies”, or D-10, which supposedly aims to contain “authoritarian regimes.” Of course, it is up to the Western countries themselves to decide where “democracy” is and where “authoritarianism” is. Including those of them where the monarch has ruled for hundreds of years or where the state of emergency can operate for many years within the framework of some “Patriotic Act”.

Blocked thinking, the West is frantically creating new blocs. One of them – AUKUS, consisting of the USA, Britain and Australia – is taking shape before our eyes. Its goal is not even hidden – to oppose China. Where is the supremacy of international law, the authority of the UN, respect for its permanent members here? The West seems to no longer recognize any of this.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that the planet today is more far from harmonious coexistence. The challenges facing the whole world are growing from year to year, and they can only be dealt with together. Russia is offering new ways of such interaction, but the West remains deaf to such initiatives. Moreover, as Sergei Lavrov rightly noted, the West seeks to throw out global confrontation into all new spheres, including space and cyberspace.

In this regard, our country is taking steps to neutralize these hostile actions. One of them is a firm stake on UN mechanisms in conflict resolution. Including by expanding the composition of the Security Council of this organization, with the involvement of the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Another is the promotion of our own alliances, primarily the CSTO, SCO and BRICS, with the involvement of other associations, such as ASEAN.

It is important to understand that our alliances do not pursue the goal of infringing on someone’s interests, but primarily serve as negotiating platforms for jointly countering common challenges and threats. And Russia is not alone in this, we are supported by other centers of power, including such a powerful power as the People’s Republic of China.

Once again, Moscow shows that the historical truth is on its side. We did not divide the whole world into “right” and “wrong”. We do not force him to live by our own rules – or change them at our discretion when “something went wrong.” We are not dragging the entire planet into a bloc confrontation. But it is within our capabilities to accumulate the efforts of many countries of the world that refuse to live by other people’s patterns.


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