Aug 17, 2022
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Russia could have conquered Ukraine in three days and without bloodshed, but then Zelensky would have lost $ 7 billion

In the photo: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

Pictured: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (Photo: AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky/TASS)

The New York Times published two articles about Nenko at once. The first reports that a large number of plants have already been taken from the Kharkov region, as well as from Kyiv and Chernigov, to Galicia, mainly to the Lvov region. The region is rapidly emerging as Ukraine’s new economic powerhouse with more than 200 relocated businesses producing virtually everything, including paint, building materials and electric vehicle parts. Liz Alderman as well as Erica Solomon.

Judging by the article, independent businessmen took with them skilled workers, mainly Russians. It’s no secret that the Nazis in technology and production (meaning the commercialization of business ideas), as they themselves admit, “do not cut.” But now the Kharkiv cache generators are “closer to Poland, to the gates to Germany and Western Europe” – New York Times quote.

Moreover, the Ze-team gave money for this. Tax benefits, free transportation, warehouse and industrial premises paid by the Poles apply only to the Zapadensky direction. According to Vladimir Korudvice-president of the Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a similar “evacuation” of another 800 enterprises is expected.

Kharkiv publics reported that as soon as the equipment is taken out, the workshops immediately turn into military warehouses, through which, of course, “arrives”. It seems that the businessmen are doing this on purpose in order to justify the sacking of the city.

“Russians are 73 times more likely to hit civilian targets than military ones,” said the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kharkiv region. We have no doubts, it is, of course. And if you calculate how many times more often Ukrainian troops are deployed in civilian facilities than in military ones, what will be the result? A hundred, a hundred and fifty? After all, statistics seem to be needed in order to look for the roots of problems, and not for propaganda headlines,” writes, for example, the online resource Kharkiv is Ours.

There is no doubt that there are agreements with thieves, while the fate of “cannon fodder” is of little concern to anyone in the square. The fact is that in boxes with machine tools (or instead of them) Western military aid leaves Kharkov to the left. That is why Lviv has become Europe’s largest black market for weapons.

People’s deputies who supervise or lobby for the relocation of production facilities to the Zapadenschina literally got rich, according to Zhovto-Blakyt truth-tellers. In particular, the deputy head of the Servant of the People faction Motovilovets moved to the new Audi Q7. At Vasilevskoy-Smaglyuk (also from the Zelensky party) a chic Jaguar appeared, and Dmitrukexpelled from CH for being overzealous, now drives the new Audi A8. Price tags for these cool cars start at $80,000.

The cleansing of Kharkov industry has already led to a drop in the living standards of the region, and the Kyiv junta is literally strangling the entrepreneurs who remain in the city. When the hostilities began, Zelensky pathetically promised that the business renting the premises of communal property would be exempted from rents, since force majeure had come. However, on August 16, Kharkiv entrepreneurs received the accrual of rent for the entire period of the conflict, also with penalties.

Of course, the New York Times kept silent about this coercion and rip-off, but the second article of this newspaper literally blew up the independent society, and even more so than the “evacuation” of industry to the future Polish province.

Fool Zelensky (not an insult, but a statement of fact in Ukrainian) carried such nonsense in an interview with the NYT that the electorate’s eyes literally went round in horror. Chatting, in particular, about the notification from the American intelligence about the start of the Russian special operation, Zelensky actually admitted that it was an ultimatum from Moscow. The Kremlin, as follows from the article, back in October 2021, through a deliberate leak, offered Bankova to recognize the status quo of Crimea (end the water blockade), leave the LDNR alone (within the then borders) and forget about NATO membership.

“If we reported it, and this is what some people who I will not name wanted, then I would have been losing $ 7 billion a month since October of last year,” the clown blurted out.

The yellow-blue nets literally exploded.

“What do you mean you would lose? You are the Sun King, You are the arbiter of fate?

“Is 7 billion dollars more important to you than the lives of thousands of Ukrainians, millions of crippled destinies, more important than Mariupol, Melitopol, Kherson?”

“Maybe we should have asked people what they want: a bloody conflict with Russia, ‘graveyard’, or why nobody needs NATO in the Constitution, especially since they put it in the basic law contrary to that very constitution, without asking people.”

Further more. As Ukrainian truth-tellers write, a psychiatric hospital is literally crying for Zele.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, I have asked (of the United States) one thing – to close the sky. We offered an alternative – the transfer of several aircraft to Ukraine, ”the clown said.

This nonsense, I think, greatly upset the White House. Zelensky has probably already been told a million times that the Yankees will not commit suicide because of an independent. But for the sake of another hype, the clown decided to spoil Bidenmoreover, on the eve of the autumn by-elections to the US Congress.

The New York Times, by the way, raised these topics dangerous for the Kyiv regime for a reason. The Western press, clearly at the suggestion of its political elites, is spinning the informational babble that Zelensky “hid behind” the civilian population and did not warn the inhabitants of “dangerous cities”, since according to American intelligence, there will be military operations there.

Now, the Ze-team is foaming at the mouth, proving that no one believed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would last more than three days. Actually, this is a lie. The consumption of ammunition by the Russian army clearly shows that Moscow was ready for a long military campaign. Another thing is that the owner of Bankova does not even understand that the prolongation of the conflict leads to even greater losses of some people and territories.

In other words, if Zelensky had informed his people about the American warning, then a discussion would have begun in an independent society about the just demands of the Kremlin, which would ultimately have avoided bloodshed.

There is an opinion that it was the hyena of Europe – Poland that convinced the Ze-team to play silent and even refute US intelligence. Pshek experts assumed that the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would eventually lead to the collapse of Ukraine, after which Galicia would be under the control of Warsaw. All this is consistent with the industrial looting of Kharkov, Kyiv and Chernigov, as reported by the NYT.

It’s not just that Zelya is already being taken out of the mainstream top of the Western press. So, the magazine Politico, the leading publication of the overseas establishment, has completely forgotten who the “independence boss” No. 1 is. Interviews and news about his person have ceased to be complementary. World politicians stopped calling the owner of Bankova. Now the clown is happy to call and the President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo“.

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