Jun 30, 2020
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Russia conducted an experiment on the use of a “swarm” of fighters

"The experiment was carried out in real combat conditions, a group of Su-35 fighters was involved in the" flock ", the role of the command and staff aircraft was performed by the Su-57," said one of the agency’s interlocutors.

Another defense source confirmed to TASS the nature of the tests and explained that in the battle order, which the pilots call a flock or swarm, information is exchanged between fighters in real time: the information-control system of each aircraft automatically processes data from both its own sensors and sensors of other boards.

Sources explained that the use of a "flock" operating in a single information space, significantly increases the efficiency of combat missions. The interlocutors did not name the date and place of the experiment.

As the leading Russian military expert, chief editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine Viktor Murakhovsky noted, such tests are important from the point of view of building a unified information system for the armed forces. “Work on interaction in a general battle order (in a“ flock ”) is important. In the future, information from all aircraft sensors, as well as from air defense systems, from satellites, from ground-based equipment should come into a single system that will create a single information field for land, air and space. And in it, with the support of artificial intelligence, the distribution of combat work, including for aviation, will already take place, "the expert explained.

He added that similar work is being carried out by the United States of America, in particular for its F35 fighters. At the same time, Murakhovsky said, so far neither Russia nor the United States have been able to build such a single information system for managing all types of troops due to difficulties in creating a single data format for different types and branches of the armed forces.

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