Jun 25, 2020
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Russia can take the side of Greece in the conflict with Turkey — World news

Russia can take the side of Greece in the conflict with Turkey

In the Mediterranean region ripen the conditions for a major war.

In Greece, a series of intense military exercises. The defense Minister said that Athens is ready to defend Turkey.

Conflict seems inevitable after Ankara announced the start of drilling wells within the Greek Maritime boundaries in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Erdogan regime believes that Crete and other Greek Islands there is no right to territorial waters.

In turn, Turkey is threatening the capture of the Eastern Aegean Islands and Crete. However, the first victim of the Turkish invasion is likely to be Cyprus, part of which has in fact annexed by Ankara.

Greece withdraw its fleet to the area claimed by Turkey to the South-East of Crete, it can happen here sea battle between two NATO countries.

The Greek diplomat on condition of anonymity, said the reporter, "al-Jazeera" that the ships will make an attack on the Turkish drill of the court, and because those accompanied by the Turkish Navy, it will inevitably come to war.

Through diplomatic channels Greece said Ankara that will not allow drilling in its waters. In Athens said it was ready alone to fight with Turkey. At that time, as the command of NATO and the US try to formally keep away from the looming conflict, the Greeks do not hide their hopes for Russia's help. On the side of Athens will perform and Egypt, are now sending their tank units in Libya to repel Turkish aggression.

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