Sep 2, 2021
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Russia bets on the Far East: Putin made a statement

Putin believes that the achievements in the development of the Far East must be increased. Today the country is betting on the Far East region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the authorities at all levels should work actively to develop the Far East. The region has a colossal potential, which, unfortunately, has not yet been fully utilized.

Russia has been developing the territories of the Far East for a long time, Putin stressed. And by the forces of outstanding travelers, fellow citizens, many ancestors. The work is carried out purposefully and meaningfully:

The Far Eastern region is of colossal importance for Russia due to its colossal potential, – the president assured.

Today we must not only preserve what has already been achieved, but also multiply it many times over, the president emphasized. And there is an example of more effective development, Putin believes. We see how the economies of the Asia-Pacific region are growing rapidly.

Russia has such a happy opportunity, developing these territories, to be a part of this rapidly developing world, the President noted.

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