Jan 27, 2021
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Russia and the United States intend to extend the START Treaty on Moscow’s terms

On January 27, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced that Russia and the United States had decided to extend the treaty on the reduction of strategic offensive arms on Moscow’s terms, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister, the agreement will be extended for five years without any additional conditions from the United States.

Earlier, the Russian Federation and the United States exchanged notes on the extension of the treaty on strategic offensive arms. The heads of both countries, Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden, during their first telephone conversation also discussed the extension of the START Treaty.

We add that the State Duma and the Federation Council already on January 27 may consider extending the contract for another five years.

Today, Putin appointed Ryabkov as his representative for the discussion in the State Duma and in the Federation Council of the agreement on the extension of the START Treaty.

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