Feb 21, 2021
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Russia and Belarus will tear NATO apart in Europe: NI asks the US for help

Russia and Belarus will tear NATO apart in Europe in the event of a real armed confrontation. NI asks the US to help Poland to prevent a complete defeat.

The military exercises Zima-20, which took place in Poland, showed that Europe is completely unprepared for a war with Russia, despite its militant rhetoric. The repulse of the attack of the conditional “enemy from the east” ended in complete failure – the Polish army was defeated in just five days. And this is taking into account the fact that according to the scenario of the exercises, the fifth generation F-35 fighters were in service with Poland (in fact, they had not yet arrived in Warsaw), the American Patriot missile defense systems and the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems.

Columnist for The National Interest John Rossomando believes that the reason for Poland’s defeat in this hypothetical scenario of military operations lies in the weapons – Russia has a much more effective and powerful technology than the Eastern European partner of the United States. Moreover, it is in the Western Military District that Russia has concentrated the most modern weapons. In particular, we are talking about the anti-aircraft complexes “Tunguska”, “Pantsir-C1” and S-400, writes “Russian Spring”.

In the event of a war, the Russian and Belarusian armies will seize NATO territory along the border and thus tear the alliance forces in half, which will sever the logistics hubs connecting Poland and Lithuania, Rossomando notes.

The journalist called on the United States to modernize Poland’s army to better meet NATO standards, as well as to restore supply lines that existed in Western Europe before the end of the Cold War.

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