Jan 29, 2021
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Russia accepts Donbass? How to understand Simonyan?

Russia accepts Donbass?  How to understand Simonyan?

Photo: Mikhail Sokolov / TASS.

The Russian authorities should think about the inclusion of Donbass in the Russian Federation, says the editor-in-chief of RT Margarita Simonyan

“The people of Donbass want to live at home and be a part of our great, generous Motherland. Russia, mother, take Donbass home, “Simonyan said at the Russian Donbass integration forum in Donetsk.

She also noted that no one will be able to challenge the right to speak their native Russian language among residents of Donbass “by any scribbles, regular coups, legal or illegal changes of power.” According to her, Russia is obliged to give them such an opportunity.

At the same time, Simonyan admitted that this is her personal opinion, and “no one authorized to say it.”

This statement has already been commented on by the Russian Foreign Ministry. According to his official representative, Maria Zakharova, Simonyan’s words are her personal point of view.

“I don’t understand why so close attention is riveted to such statements,” says Odessa journalist, former political prisoner Artem Buzila

– Even if RT is a state media holding, nevertheless, it is a media outlet whose editor-in-chief expresses his point of view. She is not an official, not an official. This position cannot be called strange, a large number of public people adhere to this position in Russia: politicians, public figures, journalists. The statement is quite in the spirit and meets the requirements of the times.

Of course, the Donbass believes that sooner or later the annexation to Russia will take place. True, in what format is still difficult to say. However, Donbass is already living on the Russian agenda – informational and legal. Russian documents are being distributed, legislation is being synchronized to Russian standards, education standards are being introduced, so that integration is already present in one form or another. If we compare it with Transnistria, next to which I lived for a long time, Donbass is already much more integrated.

“SP”: – Can Ukraine still do something to change the situation? Abolish the language law?

“I think she should have done a lot. And the abolition of the language law will not help here. Ukrainization has already gone so far that it is not enough to abolish the law, it requires the re-establishment of the state, the condemnation of what has been all these years, the trial of criminals. She needs to do a lot, and it is unlikely that it will ever be done. Whoever leads this country. So I don’t consider this question relevant at all.

– Judging by the resonance that Simonyan’s speech received, this stands out from the usual empty arguments “for all the good”, – believes Head of the Union of Political Emigrants and Political Prisoners of Ukraine Larisa Shesler

– In Ukraine, an excited discussion of her speech by all the media has already started, the indignant voice of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has already sounded. Insiders went there, they say everything was gone, the plaster was removed, Russia made a decision to “completely occupy” Donbass. Simonyan is not an ordinary journalist, blogger or even a State Duma deputy. Her status as a mouthpiece for the Russian government gives rise to hope that these statements were made for a reason. But, of course, her unofficial status makes it possible, in some scenario, to neutralize these promising statements, as Maria Zakharova did.

“SP”: – Recently, talk about the inclusion of Donbass in Russia has become more frequent. Doctrine “Russian Donbass”, forum of the same name, proposal for a second referendum. What kind of movement did you go?

“The Russian Donbass doctrine, in my opinion, is quite amorphous. She defines the DPR and LPR as Russian nation states. But even such a definition is a significant step forward, since in this formlessness there is a potential opportunity to turn the process towards full unification with Russia. I hope that a turn in foreign policy towards the integration of Donbass with Russia is being prepared, although this will be hindered in Russia too.

“SP”: – Simonyan mentioned the language. Now in Ukraine this problem has become aggravated in connection with the New Law. Will this somehow affect the Donbass?

– Of course, the latest innovations, which finally destroyed the rights of the Russian language in Ukraine, played a certain role in the mood in the Donbass and in Russia. It became obvious that the return of Donbass to Ukraine would be the biggest defeat and betrayal in relation to the Russian world. How can you negotiate with those who do not hide their intentions to destroy your rights and freedoms?

I think that the latest laws on Ukrainization did not play a major role, but nevertheless they became a cast-iron pear that struck the Minsk Agreements and completely destroyed them.

“SP”: Can Biden’s arrival affect the defrosting of the question of the status of Donbass?

– The arrival of Biden simply buried the last hopes of Russian liberals for reconciliation with the West. Conciliation with the surrender of Donbass has become meaningless. At the same time, this parish revived the hopes of the Ukrainian “hawks” for the solution of the Donbass issue according to the Croatian scenario.

I do not rule out a military exacerbation in Donbass associated with this arrival, and at the same time I think that Ukraine itself will finally end the negotiation process, since it is quite obvious that it is not going to resolve the issue of the status of Donbass within the framework of the Normandy format agreements.

“SP”: – What can it be in the case of exacerbation and compulsion to peace? Will Russia put its peacekeepers there, like in Transnistria and the first 15 years in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, but will not recognize, recognize or include in its composition?

– I think that the first step will be to recognize the DPR and LPR as independent republics, and then bring peacekeepers there according to the Abkhaz scenario. Further steps for integration and the corresponding referenda for their legalization will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

We understand that any referendum will confirm the desire of Donbass residents to become part of Russia. This is the best scenario for humans. But, unfortunately, Russian politics is not always guided by the interests of ordinary citizens.

“SP”: – TV presenter Soloviev called for “ending hell”, which lasts for seven years. Wasn’t it high time before? Something has changed? Will the appeal be heard, who needs it?

– During all these years, the Russian elite did not abandon the hope of reaching an agreement “in an amicable way.” But all pacifying gestures and steps have been unequivocally rejected and will be rejected. The impending social and economic crisis only exacerbates the contradictions between Russia and the West.

I think this statement by Solovyov is not addressed to “the one who needs it”. On the contrary, the Russian authorities, with the help of such statements, want to probe a possible reaction from the Russian society and from the West. I would like to believe that the statements of the State Duma deputies, as well as Solovyov and Simonyan, are still not a simple threatening gesture in order to intimidate the “partners”.

– Simonyan is a famous and influential person, so her statement does not look ordinary, – believes Secretary of the Political Council of the Other Russia E.V. Limonov ”Alexander Averin.

– It’s another matter that this is not enough, the decision is made by other people.

Of course, Donbass should be part of Russia. People have made their choice. And at the referendum in 2014, and on the battlefield. A repeat referendum is a difficult issue. Half of the territory of the DPR and LPR is under the military control of Kiev. There are repressions against Russian activists. What about these territories? They participated in the 2014 referendum. Will these people be abandoned now?

It’s good that the issue of Russian Donbass has been raised again. I hope these conversations are not part of a clever diplomatic maneuver. This requires political will.

It’s time to understand that any government in Ukraine will pursue an anti-Russian policy, squeeze the Russian language, and adopt more and more laws. The current policy agenda there belongs to the nationalists. In case they tremble, they will not be allowed to lay down their arms Victoria Nuland and other American politicians.

Biden, I believe, will pursue the same policy with respect to Russia and Donbass as Obama. Biden also has personal financial interests in Ukraine. I do not expect any softening from him. However, Obama, Trump and Biden can simply be presented with a fact. The United States has enough internal problems, so now is the time to annex Donbass.

Recently, our activist, Donbass militia Oleg Mironov, called on peacekeepers from Russia to Donbass. Of course, we are for peacekeepers. The Russian army and its formations are the best peacekeepers. Our army has the necessary peace enforcement apparatus. One division entered into the territory of the DPR and LPR will cost hundreds of diplomatic meetings. Alas, so far expectations about the official inclusion of the DPR and LPR into Russia are overly optimistic. But this is exactly what we must demand! Moreover, speaking about the DPR and LPR, I mean the territory that is now under the control of Kiev.

Any progress towards Russia is better than the currently suspended situation. The people of Donbass are tired of uncertainty. He wants to go home to Mother Russia. The distribution of Russian passports is the right step, but this is not enough. More is needed, much more.

Both Kiev and Washington are ruled by people who do not want Russia’s good. No negotiation. they cannot be persuaded to change their policy. But any politician recognizes force. Russia has the power.

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