May 10, 2022
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Rules for choosing a women’s jacket

Rules for choosing a women's jacketRules for choosing a women's jacket

Warm days allow you to abandon massive coats and jackets, replacing them with practical and stylish women’s jackets. With the right choice of model, they become a favorite piece of clothing for many years. A wide range of products is offered to customers by Makukhin Trading House. In the collection of products, each visitor will easily select the appropriate option.

Product selection principle

The advantage of the jacket is its versatility. When considering a product, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • execution fabric;
  • style;
  • potential combination with other things from the wardrobe.

There are business and casual models. The most practical choice for different body types is the choice of a mid-thigh length jacket. Such models have good compatibility with dresses, trousers, skirts. Elegant fitted models are perfectly combined with a festive costume. Models are offered in a straight and fitted silhouette, with long and short sleeves, single and double-breasted.

Accounting for the features of the figure

How beautiful a jacket will look on a woman depends on the features of the figure, which every lady perfectly understands and knows how to evaluate. For example, beauties with wide hips are recommended to give preference to products up to the middle of the thigh. Models with a wide top and shoulder pads look good. They will make the figure harmonious and proportional.

On the contrary, it is advisable to refuse the shortened version for the owners of wide shoulders, the “apple” figure. With such features, jackets with a deep oval neckline, side slits, with patch pockets and decor from the hips look good.

The happy owners of hourglass figures have the maximum choice. In this version, a fitted silhouette, a fitted cut, and the use of a belt look stylish. In this case, the choice of excessive variegation, excessive decoration will be a mistake.

Using Color in Shape Correction

Any figure to make perfect will allow the correct choice of colors of the jacket. Excess weight is successfully hidden by dark colors and an asymmetric cut. For girls who are excessively lean and thin, it is convenient to choose a fabric that visually increases volumes, such as natural wool.

In the catalog of offers, to which the link leads, any woman is able to choose the best option. Each model is supplemented with an image and description, all available sizes are indicated.

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