Apr 20, 2021
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Rule, not rule

Photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin

In the photo: Russian President Vladimir Putin (Photo: Marat Abulkhatin / TASS)

The April message to the Federal Assembly, when a significant part of this assembly (deputies of the State Duma) is castled in September, hints, as it were, that there are no autumn “surprises” from the Kremlin offices.

There is no detailed scenario yet, but United Russia will play convincingly, albeit not with a devastating score and with one-mandate candidates, it will still get a constitutional majority. The main thing here is to give the impression that the elections were, at the very least, “chosen”, because with “transfer without transfer” at least someone should have legitimacy.

Extension of iconic frames (from Miller to Panfilova), The “under-formed” State Council (no longer seems to be considered by the future “superstructure” with the avant-garde from the “father of the nation”), the plowed legal field (not to be confused with the gravitational one) and other strokes paint an oil painting on which Vladimir Putin does not upset us with its departure after 2024. It seems that it is not a secret anyway, and all the dressing rooms, together with the central bath, have already decided that 2 × 2 = 0. However, don’t confuse “opportunity” with “inevitability.” The option – “I’m not tired, but I’m leaving” (not far away) is still not ruled out, but so far little speaks in its favor, implying precisely the presidential post as the head of the executive branch of the Russian Federation.

Politically concerned citizens have been waiting for Vladimir Vladimirovich’s spring theses since winter, by analogy with the previous year (January 15). Then, in addition to the traditional accounting “we have fertilized with money – everything must grow and bloom”, the President of the Russian Federation announced the fateful changes to the Constitution, without which we cannot live. Alas, it turned out that a person is not alive by “amendments” alone, the whole pathos of the event in the future turned out to be “crumpled” and not too verified. But there were lines in that message worthy of tablets, for example: “We can build a strong, prosperous, modern Russia only on the basis of unconditional respect for the opinion of people.”

The current message to the Federal Assembly was an event even before the event. At first, they wondered in principle – he would not perform. Then, by dates, calling one more beautiful than the other. And, finally, they argued, how will they stun? I didn’t want to believe in the “duty” of the presidential reading, well, for some reason he hesitated, well, can’t it “just like that”? In no other way will he declare the entry of the DPR and LPR into Russia. Or will announce a merger with Belarus, which Lukashenka submissively approve. Or write off all debts (from utilities to loans) to retirees. Feel the level of rumored expectations?

And these were not the most ambitious ones called – and “printing out the National Welfare Fund”, and “wide amnesty”, and even “partial nationalization”, but why would it? The Russian vertical was erected for the sake of preserving the redistribution of the minority from the majority and the quiet transfer of this very “redistribution” to the next generation of estates. The kids have already grown up, but it is scary to hope for them, the principle – from prosperity to bankruptcy in a generation – has not been canceled, because the offspring, in comparison with their ancestors, is greatly underestimated the motivation for development. Say, if you win a million in the lottery, what will you do? Nothing! Like nothing ?! What for? There, even the fathers did not strain too hard, picking up the “money lying under their feet”, but at least those fathers had a tough intraspecific struggle.

Yeltsin “Tired” of the presidency at 68 (December 31, 1999), Putin is now 68, and we are broadcasting his magnificent vigor. And it’s not just sports training and the absence of bad habits. Try to measure your physiological indicators (from blood pressure to blood sugar) before completing a difficult task or taking an exam. Then compare with the indicators when it is required not to decide, but only to voice the conditions – there are two big differences.

Watching Putin’s Federal Message from December 12, 2012 (right after Medvedev): “Now our task is to create a rich and prosperous Russia“. Further from December 12, 2013 (don’t laugh, but there, too, among other things, about “strengthening” amendments to the Constitution): “If a decision is made, it must be implemented.” Remember from December 1, 2016: We will definitely achieve our goals. “ From a relatively recent of February 20, 2019: “We are facing large-scale tasks. We are moving towards their solution systematically and consistently. “

Now let’s connect and loop: “Our task is to create a prosperous Russia, if a decision is made, it must be implemented. We will definitely achieve the worthwhile goals, as we go systematically and consistently. ” The result is a universal template, a reference message for any meeting to follow the “right course”. The rest of the “multi-letters” of the presidential addresses (for those wishing to familiarize themselves with the full collected works here) can also be rearranged in any order, most are still relevant. That is, said and not done. It would seem that nonsense, concentration of power and one-man command are by their nature “sharpened” for solving specific problems, and nevertheless it is so. But to govern in this way is not too burdensome for health and economical for personal time, rather than to govern, spending oneself entirely.

The main intrigue of Vladimir Putin’s speech is the event horizon. If any “2030 strategy” is voiced (the name can be anything), then, in addition to postponing the declared goals for the next “for a long time”, there will be additional justification for the next presidential term. After all, an honest person does not leave until he fulfills the promised program?

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