May 1, 2021
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Rubin outnumbered Moscow Dynamo

On Saturday, May 1, the match between the local Rubin and Moscow Dynamo passed in Kazan. The clubs fought for a point in the European competition.

Rubin outnumbered Moscow Dynamo

The Moscow club could open an account already in the first minutes of the match. Lesovoy in the 4th minute swung the lawyer at the corner of the penalty area and shot from horseback, but Dupin threw the ball into the crossbar. Two minutes later, the guests could score again: Grulev responded to a serve from the flank and struck his head into the bottom corner, but Dupin again played the blow.

On the 10th minute the scoring chance was created at the Dynamo goal. Boom struck a free-kick, but the ball ran near the bar. A minute after a corner kick, the ball bounced into the goalkeeper’s room, but Fomin was prevented from shooting.

On the 12th minute, Shimanski hung from a corner, Grulev pulled away from the guardian and struck his head – Dupin saved again. In the 15th minute, the hosts opened the score: Zotov cut a pass to the penalty area from the left edge, Despotovich met the ball, pulled away from Evgeniev and shot from a turn into the far bottom corner – 1: 0.

Nevertheless, Dynamo continued to have an advantage – 66% against 34% for Rubin. Muscovites could not answer naked in the first half of the half.

At the 52nd minute, after a slide in Shimansky, Ilya Samoshnikov was expelled from the field. In the 65th minute, Dynamo could score again: Lesovoy moved to the center from the left edge and shot into the corner from the penalty line – again Dupin parried the blow, Tyukavin did not have time to finish off.

By the 78th minute, the Moscow team had 20 shots on goal, Rubin had four in total, one of which was on target. In the 80th minute, the Kazan team managed to double the lead: Roman Neustadter unfortunately threw the ball back, Boehm turned one-one on one-one, beat Shunin and stunned the empty goal – 2: 0.

Thanks to the victory, Leonid Slutsky’s wards climbed to the fourth point in the standings. The gap from Spartak is one point, from Lokomotiv – three points.

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