Nov 17, 2021
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RuBaltic.Ru: news of Lukashenka-Merkel talks split Lithuania


RuBaltic.Ru: news of Lukashenka-Merkel talks split Lithuania
Press service of the President of the Republic of Belarus

The authors stressed that the first telephone conversation in a long time between Merkel and Lukashenko was a serious diplomatic victory for Minsk. It is reported that the parties discussed specific proposals for resolving the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Their acting Chancellor of Germany is going to announce to his colleagues in the European Union. Thus, Merkel recognized for Lukashenka the status of a person with whom one can negotiate and conclude agreements.

According to RuBaltic.Ru experts, the leader of Germany greatly offended the Lithuanian authorities. In Vilnius, they proposed to solve the problem by increasing sanctions pressure on Belarus, canceling flights, building fences and other aggressive methods. Nobody was going to negotiate with Minsk there.

So, to the news of the conversation between Merkel and Lukashenko, the deputy of the Seimas of Lithuania, chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs Zhigimantas Pavilenis sharply reacted. He stated that the actions of the acting Chancellor do not correspond to the official position of Berlin.

However, the actions of the head of the Federal Republic of Germany were unexpectedly supported by the administration of the president of the Baltic republic, Gitanas Nauseda. They admitted that the sanctions against Minsk do not lead to positive results, so it is necessary to look for other methods. Later, the leader of the state himself spoke out in favor of negotiations with the authorities of Belarus.

“I think there are opportunities to resolve the crisis by contacting Mr Lukashenko, as Angela Merkel just did. We need to talk to someone who is responsible for what happens at the border, ”Gitanas Nauseda emphasized.

The authors noted that the position of the Lithuanian head runs counter to the “general line of the party”. One side supports negotiations with Lukashenka, while the other does not, as a result of which a split occurs among the political elite of the Baltic country.

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