Nov 2, 2021
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Rubaltic: Poland’s actions lead the country to exclusion from the EU and getting into the rogue list


Rubaltic: Poland's actions lead the country to exclusion from the EU and falling into the rogue list

The European Union has repeatedly drawn attention to Warsaw because of its conservative policies. However, the decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland on the supremacy of national law over European law was the last straw in the patience of the European Union.

The organization’s leadership has already excluded the country from the European Network of Judicial Councils, and has also imposed € 1 million in sanctions over a dispute over the judiciary. EU officials do not hide their intentions to exclude the state from the union, as Poland no longer complies with democratic principles. Opposition Polish politicians also stated in a possible Polexit if the representatives of the current government did not return to common European standards.

RuBaltic.Ru stressed that the Polish authorities are close to the country being included in the list of outcasts. This is the status that Warsaw has been seeking with respect to Russia since 2014. The leadership of the republic did not invite Russian politicians to commemorative events, was engaged in rewriting the history of the Soviet Union and World War II. Now Poland itself has rushed into the pit of international isolation.

Earlier in NewInform: readers of Der Spiegel called for the exclusion of Poland from the European Union.

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